Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day Goodness

MiniWarrior and I went RV camping this weekend with some friends of ours in Warm Springs, Oregon.

So. So. Beautiful!

In the camp store I read a flyer that said, "We get 300 days of sunshine".

To us rain soaked Washingtonians--that's our version of Heaven!!

Saturday our friends rented a pontoon boat and we cruised the lake. All around us were towering layered rock cliffs dotted with dark green pine trees and light green sage brush.

I lay back on the pontoon bench and watched bald eagles swoop from the cliffs and soar above me. It was like being in another world.

At night we sat around the campfire pit telling stories underneath the canopy of stars.

I'm not a real lover of camping--but it was hard not to be seduced into the camping world when immersed in such beauty.

I must admit, it was really nice to come home to space and carpet and hot showers and Lord V who stayed behind to watch the animals.

I missed him and the warm and loving life we have created in our home :)