Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Just In...

I just received an email from MiniWarriors teacher.

Subject: Just a heads up

"MiniWarrior had OT (occupational therapy) today.

Ms K is 6 months pregnant.

Today he really noticed and said, "you are really pregnant, you need my help" and he helped her lift the swing.

Then he asked, "how are babies made?"

Ms.K said,"We just decided we wanted a baby."

MiniWarrior then said,"No, really, how do babies get made?"

Ms K told him he should ask his parents so, good luck with that!!!


God help me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Haphazardkat Update

I know. I know. I've been slacking on the blogging part.

I've tried to make my daily rounds and leave comments when I can but I've been busy, Peeps.

Dang busy.

My job is wrapping up. After 13 years it's a little disconcerting. I've been pounding out my resume to as many places as I can so that takes up a lot of my free computer time.

Other news is, Lord V, MiniWarrior and I have found a new home!

We spent half the day today yacking with the realtors while the inspection team did their thing.

We are very excited but needless to say, the house hunting and all the paperwork involved after finding one has taken up a lot of our time.

The dizziness I experienced after surgery has passed. Hurrah!

It's nice to feel normal again... "normal" as I ever feel. ;)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Losin' My Mind

I was sitting at work yesterday, trying to shake off the lingering dizziness that the surgery drugs have left me with, when I realized something.

I'm missing information.

There are gaps in my pre-surgery memory.

I remember laying talking to one of the anesthesiologists and the man telling me he was waiting for his colleague.

I remember teasing Lord V 'cuz the book I brought to the Hospital was a cheesy romance (complete with bodice ripping cover) and he was going to have to carry it around with him while I was in surgery...



I remember waking up from surgery.


Where the heck did the rest of the memories go?

I asked Lord V if the anesthesiologist had snuck some drugs into my IV--he said no, that I was wide awake and talking to him when they finally wheeled me towards the carving room.

I have no memory of this, Peeps.

It's a bit disconcerting!

My grey matter has been messed with.

This entire weekend I've struggled with following conversations.

I have a hard time following a full train of thought.

You know how it is talking to a person on a cellphone and words get spaced out because of a bad connection?

This is my brain post surgery, Peeps.

Someone inform OnStar.

My brain is missing!

Friday, January 25, 2008

All Is Well

Surgery went well.

Thanks to you all for all the good wishes sent my way :)

I've spent the past two days laying on the sofa like a bloated San Francisco harbor seal, trying to gather my energy for when MiniWarrior gets off of school.

He was most displeased with me for having to spend a few extra days at Dads house instead of mine during the hospital business.

It's nice to be so loved and missed but sheesh! The kid can lay a guilt trip on heavier than a Jewish Mother!

Oi, Vai!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Freakin' COLD Out!

ARGH! I think my girl bits have frostbite!!

I need a vacation to someplace warm, Peeps. Warm!

The newest ache in my ankle bones tells me perhaps my frolicking in the Ocean New Years Eve wasn't the wisest of choices.

Sure was fun though! hehehehe

In other news:

I watched part of (I fell asleep, dangit!!) the Terminator TV show last night. Is it just me, or does this new show ROCK?!! LOVE the terminator girl. L.O.V.E. her!

And yet more news:

Thursday I will be gone for another throat surgery.

The last doctors visit left me with some GOOD news. Apparently, my Doc has devised a way to treat my throat In Office! If things go well, I'll only have to meet with him every couple of months for a quick touch up in his office and then I'm good to go!

Quick touch up.

That just sounds...wrong.



After having had surgery 2-3 times a year since I was 9, this is grand news, Peeps.

Grand news!

OK. This post makes it official.

I've just filled an entire post complaining about aching bones and doctor procedures.

I'm OLD!!!

*waves an arthritic wrinkled hand*

Go about your business, Young'ins.

I need a nap.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy Days...

Argh! It's been busy around my house this week.

Friday, MiniWarrior turned 10


Where oh where has my baby gone?!

Gone are the days when he smiled and napped half the day away.

They are replaced with sassing, eye rolls and the pre-teen record player bleating of "Mommmmmmmmmm, can I have...."


Just when I think he's grown up past the little boy who owns my soul he comes running to me, clutching his beloved stuffed cat, Butterscotch.

"Mommmm, Butterscotch is hurt! She has a tear in her skin!"

His lower lip trembles and he thrusts her out to me with pleading eyes.

"Can you fix her?"

He sits anxiously watching me while I sew Butterscotch back up.

"It's Ok, Butterscotch, Mom will make you all better." He croons, stroking the matted fur on her leg.

"Poor poor Butterscotch, do the stitches hurt you?"

"Aww, don't cry Butterscotch, it's almost over..." He pats her tummy intently watching each stab of the sewing needle.

I patch a couple of places worn from little boy hands rubbing her fur seeking comfort.

MiniWarrior holds her tight and carrys her upstairs to his room after the surgery.

"There there, Butterscotch. You're all better now..." he murmers softly.

I watch him leave with Mom tears looming.

I am keenly aware that these moments are fast becoming rare and soon will disappear all together.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For All The Mom's Out There

Dragonlady emailed me the link to this song the other day.

Lord V and I laughed ourselves silly over it and promptly sent it to every person we know!


The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chop Chop!

All right, Peeps.

*dons my strict Nun outfit and taps a ruler against my hand*

I shall be visiting your blogs today and I expect to be entertained with some new postings.

*tap taps the ruler and squints in your direction*

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Refreshing Weekend


*sniffs the air and saunters around*

This weekend was mighty refreshing, Peeps.

Mighty refreshing.

I was able to (hang on to yer bloomers, Grandma) acquire enough sleep and relax.

MiniWarrior went to his Dad's on Saturday so I was able to spend some quality "not being Mommmmmm" time.

I worked out at the gym, played Diablo II (online) with my girlfriend, lazed around watching football with Lord V, and went out to dinner with our friends.

It was the purrrfect kat weekend.

How's all your weekends going?

(Bob-a-roo, I already know how yours is going. *shakes my notebook* I've been taking notes and I'm accepting bids on how much yer gonna pay me in blackmail monies so the notebook doesn't end up in a certain wifes hands! mwahahahahaaaaaaa)

Friday, January 11, 2008


I have Holiday hangover.

Too much shopping.
Too much celebrating.
Too many people, e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

I feel like MiniWarriors hermit crabs.
I just wanna curl up in my shell and hide from everything for awhile.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The kid makes me nuts at times...but he fills me with laughter.

The other day I noticed the peach fuzz on his lip is turning darker. Gripping his head and tilting it up to the light I exclaimed "you have a mustache!" MiniWarrior poofed out his chest and grinned with male pride.
The next morning, after downing his precious half cup of coffee (milk/creamer/sugar mix)...he called out to me:

"Mom, since I've got a mustache now, don't you think I should get another cup of coffee?"

ha ha ha ha ha!

Request denied.

*struts the Mom power*

God love his coffee loving lawyer-in-the-making heart.

MiniWarrior~ism number two:

MiniWarrior was busy drawing preying Mantis' at the kitchen table while Lord V and I were watching The Mask (starring Jim Carey and a very young Cameron Diaz)

There was a scene where Cameron Diaz walked into the bank wearing a skin tight floor length red dress with a slit up the side. The camera panned her slowly starting from her feet and working upwards, pausing to hover over her glistening bosom, then finally stopping at her face.

I did not realize MiniWarrior had moved to stand by the sofa until he said:

"WOW...she's HOT!"

Lord V and I howled with laughter and Lord V told him

"Yes she is!"

They exchanged the male high 5 eye exchange and MiniWarrior sauntered back to his drawings.

My baby's growing up.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Vacation Over: Thank The Gods...

Christmas vacation is officially over today.

MiniWarrior heads back to school.


I love the kid, ya know? He owns 99% of the real estate of my Soul.


If I was forced to spend one more day cooped up with him in the condo--and if I heard the words: "Mom can I have..." one more time...someone wasn't making it out alive.

Just sayin'...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008!

I've tried to make it to every ones blog to see how we all survived the New Years celebration.

Good news: It appears we've all survived! :D

My last day of 2007 was a bit harrowing.

Lord V and I headed West to the Beach to join our friends at their beach house and time share condo.

The day was a nippy 34 degrees, but clear. We headed up Hwy 26 towards the hills.

We ooh'd and ahh'd at the snow lined roads (we don't see much snow--if any--down in the valley where we live).

Lord V took pictures with his iPhone and we were enjoying ourselves until traffic suddenly piled up and we crawled to a stand still.

Cars were spinning their wheels and people were shoved to the sides of the roads frantically putting chains on their vehicles.

I and a few rebels in 4 wheel vehicles crawled past them but soon ran into a impassible line of cars.

We sat for close to 45 minutes while people got out of their vehicles and walked ahead to see what the hold up was.

We were craning our heads out the windows trying to see what was up when my truck suddenly started sliding sideways towards a snow bank.

I tried to steer into the slide but it wasn't helping...I had just enough room to inch my truck forward to re grip the road and it saved us from sliding completely into the snow bank.

My heart was pounding!!

We finally were able to inch past what turned out to be a pile of cars that had slid into the snow bank and some spun completely around.

For the next 26 miles we inched our ways forward slipping and sliding. One of the last scenes we passed was a family having just crawled out of their car that had flipped upside down. A father was holding his little boy wrapped in a blanket and walking to the side of the road. Emergency vehicles were just arriving so we moved on past. I hope everyone was OK. What a crappy way for them to end 2007!

We made it to our friends condo and hugged everyone then had our first drink of the evening!

We all gathered (later) at another friends beach house for a wonderful dinner and much laughter.

About an hour before Midnight we headed out on the beach. I convinced one of my girlfriends to frolic in the ocean with me. We made it up to just below our knees and had a blast jumping waves. It was freezing but fun!

We made it back in time to the beach house to warm up by the fire and toast each other with champagne as we watched the ball drop in Times Square on the television.

It was really nice seeing Dick Clark and hear him talk us through the drop of the ball countdown. He slurred from the stroke he had, but he looked pretty dang good. He's a survivor. I admire him :)

New Years day our friends all headed home. Lord V and I stayed in the condo for another day relaxing by the fire, snacking, reading books and playing MiniWarriors Nintendo DS Zelda game (MiniWarrior was home with his Dad and stepmother for New Years).

It was a wonderful, relaxing couple of days. A truly grand way to bring in the start of a new year!