Monday, February 28, 2011

Rain Rain Rain and more Rain...

I awoke to the sound of rain dancing against the windows of our home.

I scampered out of the house and made a run through the pounding rain to my truck.

I drove to the Park and Ride while it slashed at my windshield and swooshed against my tires.

I flicked open my umbrella and darted from my truck to the Bus.

I sat in the bus on the way to work while my sodden umbrella dripped against my pant leg.

I clambered out of the bus and splashed into a puddle on my Portland bus stop.

I slogged through the down pour hunkered under my umbrella to the train stop.

I rode the train while my umbrella left a trail of water trickling down the aisle of the train.

I splashed through the rain soaked sidewalk and into my building.

I walked with my umbrella covering my boss and I as we trudged to Starbucks for our morning coffee.

I spent the next 4 hours wiggling my toes in my soaked tennis shoes while I plinked data on spreadsheets on my computer and sipped my coffee.

I tugged on my coat, grabbed my gym bag and hid myself beneath my dripping umbrella as I headed out to the gym on my lunch hour.

I stood under the shelter of my crying umbrella while I awaited the train.

I dropped my iPhone and watched it bounce in a stream of water running along the sidewalk.

I left the shelter of my umbrella to rescue my phone and shook the rain from my hair while I sighed with relief that my phone was unbroken.

I slogged back from the gym to work through the sodden streets of Portland and sat in my cubicle wiggling my toes in my soaked tennis while making a note to wear boots tomorrow.

I exited my work and splashed through the streets to my bus stop.

I stood in a miserable line of umbrella sheltered humanity while we waited for our bus to take us home.

I sat in the bus reveling in the heater blowing on my water logged feet.

I wiped condensation and fog from the window and stared at the water splooshing and splashing on the ride home.

I pulled up and trudged to the front door of my home and stood shaking the day from my shoulders in the entry way.

Now I sit in warm socks while the fireplace is dancing with warm orange flames.

Lord V sits reading while the cat lays curled upon his lap like an orange blanket and the dog lays snoring on the sofa.

The rain slashes against the windows but I don't care.

I wiggle my warm toes against the carpet beneath my feet and I can't help but...


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Golden Moments

It's Midnight.

The house creaks around me as it settles in for the night.

My little family is asleep.

The animals are softly snoring, dreaming of bacon, large balls of string and fields to romp in.

My eyes are tired but I find myself reluctant to let go of this peaceful private time and trudge onward to bed.

These are the golden moments of my life. When nothing pressing demands my attention. No stress is rumbling in the recesses of my belly.

A weekend of family and friend time lays ahead of me and I am gloriously content.

Much loved.

And blessedly happy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Rock. On!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bah Humbug...

By the time I dropped MW at his Dad's and turned my truck towards home, the sun had hidden itself behind drizzle clouds.

The Winter winds picked up and my plans of tromping through the Japanese Gardens moved to my future "TO DO" list.

No problem. I had a back up plan in case it rained. Liam Neeson's movie UNKNOWN opened this weekend so Lord V and I headed out at 2:30 to go see it.

There were only 2 seats left (sigh) so we bagged that plan.

Undaunted we headed out to Borders books. I didn't buy a book though as LV gave me a Kindle for Valentines Day and I'm so in love with it I didn't want to buy a book that I couldn't read on my new device.

Next we stopped at Beacock Music store where I snagged a Guitar book and then home again.

I tried out my new book (not impressed) then went online and found some "how to play the Blues" videos on line and shazam! I'm so in love! that is my new thing I am trying. The thing I pulled off my dream list and exposed to the light of day.

I bought an Acoustic guitar and am learning the Blues!

I. LOVE. It! I'm so glad I took it off my hidden list and made the big purchase.

Thanks for the encouragement, Peeps :)

Y'all are a grand bunch of Bloggy friends!


Another surprisingly SUNNY day here!

Lord V and I are going to head out to tromp through the Japanese Gardens in Portland today.

CHANDA field trip! :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The List...

You know that list you hold in the secret place inside you?

The one you pull out and ponder from time to time.

You know, the one that starts with, "Someday I'll...?"

I pulled an item off my list today and exposed it to the light of day.

I think I'm going to erase it off my "Someday I'll..." list and move it to the

"Today I began..." one.

I'm not ready to share it yet. It's still my secret.

I think I shall keep it in classified status until I am sure it can endure sunlight exposure ;)

What made me pull it off my secret list?

This quote that someone had carved into the side of a building downtown Portland.

"Friend, it's time to turn the corner and find where you began. Begin again with all you lost but never forgot."

Wish me luck, Peeps.

I'm taking a brave step forward.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Job

An official week has been completed at my new job and...

I LOVE it!

After a grueling 16 years I find myself smiling when I wake up in the morning and smiling when I'm stuck in the rush hour commute home.

I keep looking over my shoulder waiting for the "bad" thing to happen where I will lose my happiness but so far? So far, it just keeps getting better.

Good good times, Peeps. Good good times.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gabby Abby High Queen of ....


U keen nawt resist mwah. U keen nawt!

Monday, February 07, 2011

I can haz internets?


Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Fog

The fog descended last night like a giant eraser, removing all color and replacing it with a white palette.

Beyond the border of our yard we could see nothing but white.

This morning it still lays thick around us but images are slowly appearing like an unfinished painting.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Culprit

I was stricken last night with a horrid tummy ailment. I assumed it was from the codeine medicine I took in the afternoon...but now I suspect the flu had been looming and the codeine spurred it into action.

This morning I awoke thinking I may yet survive and was tentatively cooking up some rice cereal to fill my fragile tummy.

The water had just begun to boil when a horrible retching sound came from a corner of the family room behind me...

Gabby Abby, our little red bulimic kitty had deposited her breakfast on the carpet.

My tummy clenched and rolled and I found myself once again a prisoner on the sofa for the day :(

She does look a wee bit guilty, doesn't she?


Friday, February 04, 2011

New Job Goodness!

So I'm starting a new job on Monday.

Normal hours. (no more 4:30am wake ups)
No working holidays (BOOYA!)
No working Weekends (Woop woop!!!)

I'm so looking forward to my first official Sunday off in 16 years!


Bring. It.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


MW chatting with his Cousin about EWO (evil wrinkled one)

MW: Do you like EWO?

Cousin: um...yeah...

MW: She's kinda mean.

Cousin: um...yeah...

Cousin: She tried to make me eat a raw onion.

MW: Ew. A raw onion? Why?

Cousin: She didn't want to make me dinner.

MW: That's weird.

Cousin: She's really old.

MW: and wrinkly!

Cousin: (giggle) yeah...

MW: She's got deep fried skin!