Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Humpday News

Another week gone. Can you believe it, Peeps?

Let's see what all you Peeps have been up to, shall we?

Aafrica: Has posted pics of her new iPod Touch and you tube videos of hysterically laughing babies. This is appropriate 'cuz if you poke both of them...they produce noises that make the pokie say, "Ooooooo!!"

Bob (Bob-a-roo): is shaken but not stirred--ridin' the crazy earthquake wave in Southern California. *makes the V sign* He's one tough hombre!

Catwoman:Is having a "name my baby" contest and she's offering real prizes! *breaks open my name-da-baby-book* hmm...Marko...Polo...

Cindy: omg!!!...her Rick Springfield CD has hit the stores!!!---*screams and tugs at my hair*!!!
cancel the intervention* There's no hope for her now...

Cuteoverload has flying bunnies. See?!

ARGH! My teeth hurts just lookin' at all the cuteness!

Dragonlady and Jadey have met!! Jealous. I'm so so jealous! Jadey is currently feelin under the weather though. *sad frown* Get better, chickie! You have blog posts to write about--I have dragon-meet-detail needs you know! Needs!

FlipFlop is currently under siege by a wandering tot consumed with forming mental blueprints for futuristic murder plots. I shizzle you not. Only the power of the Pale One can help her now...

Laoch: Continues whiling away his Summer viewing bad movies with cohorts with mysterious names such as "Bad Betsy" and "Muffin" and nibbling sushi with a militant feminist named "Bubbles" who apparently is against slurping sushi off of naked chicks. Hmm...naked chicks...sushi...isn't that the same...nevermind...*polishes my halo* *squeaka squeaka*

Mei Lian is taking the day off from regular life to rest. *whispers* I think she's hidin' from Mother Bing and the blooming berry vines! Ohhhhh Mother Binnnnnnnggggg! *points to the hiding Mei Lian* she's over heeeeeeeeeeeere!

PostSecret: OMG. Someone stole my secret!

Slick *sighs and shakes my head* slick..slick slick...what are us cleavage toting chicks gonna do with you, hmm? When you're done with your grounding--ask yer wife if you can come out and play some Hoops, will ya?

The Daily Coyote: Ever been mooned by a coyote?! *marks that off my life's experiences list* mooned by coyote--CHECK!

Mrs X: has a son with mad tree peeing skills. *jealous* (sing song voice). And daughters that are so sweet to look upon that I make girlie squeals that are inaudible to human ears but has been known to strip paint off the walls...

Y'all have a wonderful week! And remember...when you think it's safe to blog alone...I'll be lurking in the shadows. (movie commercial scary man voice)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blackberry Cobbler!

Mmmmm...Mmmmmm Goodness!

Berry Scarred

I rode my bike up to the neighborhood blackberry patch and picked the first berries of the season.

I came away with a bucket full of scrumptious blackberries and some berry vine battle trophies on my legs.


I shall make a blackberry cobbler tonight to celebrate my victorious battle!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Happenings

How was your weekend?

Mine was grand. GRAND I tell you!

I helped host a bridal shower for a girlfriend of mine at my house. As always, when us chicks get together we have the best of times.
Good food, much laughter = Good times!

We had one incident...I had purchased some cookies from Safeway Bakery and put them out for the party. I hand picked macaroons drizzled with chocolate, biscotti dipped in chocolate, butter cookies checkered in red and brown...etc. They looked very festive and pretty except...
One of the ladies went to chomp on a chocolate drizzled macaroon and couldn't bite into it!
Several chomp attempts later she looks at me all puzzled and says, "Is this cookie fake? Am I eating a decoration?"

The macaroons were hard as rocks!!

We all busted up laughing and made attempts to bite into the other macaroons--but no can do--they were rocks.

I got an email from my friend the next day. She was eating rice cereal that morning and noticed something crunchy. She spit it out and guess what? It was pieces of her TOOTH!!

She's going in today to the dentist to get it fixed. Can you freakin' believe that?!!

*shakes my head*

Lord V took MiniWarrior to see Journey to the Center of the Earth (in 3D) during the girl fest. They both came back raving about the movie and how awesome the 3D effects were. I'm a bit jealous now and am thinkin' I must go see this movie myself. Apparently the flying fish come right out of the screen at you. Must. See. Flying. Fish.

MiniWarrior goes to Star Wars camp this week. I'm anxious to hear how his first day goes. He's pretty excited about it.

That's all my news, Peeps.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Humpday Chat

It's Humpday, Peeps and you know what that's my Friday! WHOO!

I've been out visiting all your blogs and thought I'd run you through a quick blog summary cuz its Summer, Baby and we've Sunshine needs to attend to!

Aafrica has been busy discovering wonderful places to eat in New Orleans and running marathons. She apparently ran into a hardy nemesis in the form of a Coconut but she took care of that bad boy with the aid of the entire contents of her trusty tool belt.
Yer our hero. *pumps a victorious fist*

Bob (bob-a-roo)is currently traumatized by the garbage demon which (apparently) has been mysteriously multiplying in the shadows of his garage. I know that demon...its brother lives in my garage...

Catwoman is still busy growing her tiny little guy in her belly while amusing us with posts of things her bigger little man says and does. "Open Donkey!" hehehe. Kid kills me. Kills. Me.

Cindy and her amazingly talented daughter, Tessa are spending their Summer tending to the children of the corn kids who get dropped off at their house and dreaming of the time she can see her god Rick Springfield in person. *whispers* we might have to host a blog intervention for her cuz her Rick needs have gone nuclear...

Cuteoverload continues to make me make squeaky girlie noises with their posts of cuteness like THIS:

Thanks to them I'm gonna be the one needing an intervention...mmm hmm...STAT!

Dragonlady (Beth)continues to amaze me with her huge brave heart that she opens up to nurture the lost and the needy. She has the heart of the Dragons she adores.

FlipFlop has devised a clever way to scare off mad chomping bunnies from her garden goodness...we bow to her genius.

CQ (Indigo) amuses me with her travel tales although she is sporadic in her posting *quirks an eyebrow in her direction*. I often visit her blog just to hear what new music she puts up cuz ..."can't stop now, can't let you go...DON'T GOoooo!" *boogies*

Jadey lives in a place that has a magic hallway that mysteriously leaves presents for her...I'm thinkin its the pathway to Narnia...*dons my cloak and unsheathes my dagger* If you don't hear from me...I've gone adventuring with her...

Laoch (laochie) has been filling his Summer with fabulous visits to New York, Race Tracks and eating establishments that offer "epic dinners". Yeah I know. I asked him what an epic dinner consisted of. His answer? "No Vegetables!" ha ha ha ha ha. Right on! Set a plate out, Laochie, I'm headin' over!

Mei Lian is busy luring her intended to the "paint my barn" and "how many bride magazines do I need to put on my coffee table before you get the hint to finally put the ring on my finger" darkside. I have faith in her success. The force is strong with this one.

Mikey continues to amuse me with his hilarious Amish Gas posts and not-so-subtle pokes at his work rival "Apple". I don't care what you say Micro-man--I'm luvin' my iPhone! *clutches it to my bosom and pokes a tongue in his direction*

Postsecret continues to prove to me that there are indeed people freakier than I.

Seriously people. ABBA?? *shakes my head*

Slicksumbich (Slickness)house is the host of the mysterious sock stealing fairies. I will soon become a millionaire when I sell this discovery to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. Crap! Knowing him that sumbich will be selling that secret out from underneath me. *shakes a gloved fist in his direction* (always good to practice safe fist shaking around Slick...)

The Daily Coyote Peeps. I love this blog. I pounce upon it as soon as my morning eyeballs can semi focus. She and her pet coyote, border collie and cat are awesomeness wrapped in a bow. She's just finished her book and it's off at the publishers! I can't wait to read it! *sing song voice*

Mrs. X She called a place to have a bouquet of ...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...choco...HA HA HA HA HA...dipped....BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa....oh sweet jesus...just go visit her and... ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaa!!! *wheeze* HA HA HA HA HA!!!! *falls down*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Lord V and I went to see Batman: Dark Knight yesterday after work.

Holy Cow, Batman! It was fantastic!!

Heath Ledger as the Joker. PHEW! man. He was/is most definitely Oscar worthy.

Go see it.'s not kid friendly. I won't be taking MiniWarrior to see it. It's very adult and quite intense.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to meeeee
Happy Birrrrrrthdayyyyy to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday to meeee!

All right, Punk~a~loos, where's my pressies?



*shows off my pressie from Lord V. (he rawks, XOXOXO)

Geek specs:
The Reader Digital Book holds about 160 eBooks or hundreds more with optional removable memory cards. Its portable size makes it the perfect travel companion, allowing you to read a variety of books whenever and wherever you want. With thousands of eBook titles available at The eBook Store from Sony, you can choose to download new releases, classics and popular book titles as well as view other document formats such as Adobe® PDF10, RTF, TXT, BBeB® and Microsoft® Word. Its long battery life lasts up to 7,500 continuous page turns, and the amazing paper-like screen technology is easy on the eyes. Also available in dark blue.

Note: Use of companion eBook Store limited to U.S. residents.

Ultra portable
The Reader Digital Book offers a unique, on-the-go reading experience and is the perfect travel companion. With a compact and lightweight design, you can take it almost anywhere and read your books whenever and wherever you want. More compact than many paperbacks, it weighs about 9 ounces6 (without cover), is 1/3” thin8, and holds up to 160 eBooks4. You can easily hold it in one hand, and with its rechargeable battery, you can turn up to 7,500 continuous pages on a single charge2.

Impressive, paper-like display
The Reader Digital Book provides a new way to experience reading. It boasts an impressive 6-inch display1, utilizing breakthrough E Ink® technology that’s almost paper-like, making it easy to read, even in bright sunshine. In addition, the screen allows for high contrast and high resolution, with a near 180ยบ viewing angle. The text can also be magnified for sight-impaired readers.

Content Storage Capability
With a compact and lightweight design you can take the Reader Digital Book almost anywhere. And with plenty of internal memory, and a slot for optional removable memory cards, you can take hundreds of titles, user-selected Web content, or other supported documents for reading on the go. It will hold approximately 160 averaged sized eBooks in internal memory4 and hundreds more with optional removable memory cards.

Multiple eBook titles available
The Reader Digital Book allows you to search, browse, discover, and buy thousands of new releases, classics and popular eBook titles from the Integrated eBook Store and other participating websites3. You can even go to other sites that have unsecured eBooks in file formats that the Reader supports5. This translates into an incredible amount of content suitable for the Reader.

More Than eBooks
The Reader Digital Book isn’t just about reading eBooks. Using the included eBook Library 2.0 PC Software, you can easily transfer Adobe® PDF documents10, Microsoft Word documents5, BBeB Book, and other text file formats to the Reader, allowing you the flexibility to access and view multiple files at any time.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jason, the Frog

For almost a year now, MiniWarrior has been consumed with the need for frog ownership.

He's talked of nothing else.

Introducing...Jason, the Frog!

MiniWarrior is beside himself with happiness.

Have House, Will Travel...

Wanna see more?


Thursday, July 17, 2008

MiniWarrior Update

MiniWarrior is quite the trooper and is handling his Summer confinement magnificently.

I, on the other hand, have taken to sticking to him like a Mother Hen...worrying over every step he takes with his crutches, clinging to the back of his shirt out of fear he'll fall and injure himself further.'s going to be a long Summer...

Blog Buddy

I have a faithful buddy who snoozes patiently beside me while I scratch out a post to all you Peeps.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


MiniWarrior jumped off the monkey bars at day camp yesterday and broke 3 bones in his foot.

He will be in a cast for the duration of his Summer.

I am beyond bummed for him.

Positive note? The frog that he's been dreaming of getting for months now? We are getting him.

Shh. He doesn't know it yet. It's a surprise.

Something to cheer my little crippled guy up with.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Daily *Snort*

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids)

You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.
-- Alan, age 10

No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with.
-- Kristen, age 10


Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then.
-- Camille, age 10


You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids.
-- Derrick, age 8


Both don't want any more kids.
-- Lori, age 8


Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough.
-- Lynnette, age 8

On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that Usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.
-- Martin, age 10


I'd run home and play dead. The next day I would call all the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in all the dead columns.
-- Craig, age 9


When they're rich.
-- Pam, age 7

The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn't want to mess with that.
- - Curt, age 7

The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It's the right thing to do.
-- Howard, age 8


It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them.
-- Anita, age 9


There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn't there?
-- Kelvin, age 8

And the #1 Favorite is........


Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump truck.
-- Ricky

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Remember the picture I posted on my A Kats Eye View blog showing the beautiful sailboat sailing on the Columbia river (thursday evening) past our house?

Apparently it's been in a wreck and police are looking into possible vandals untying it from where it was moored over night.

The broken masts are going to cost the owner 100,000...and that's just the Masts!

You can read the full story HERE

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Time Fun

A sailboat became wedged on a shallow part of the river.
The two women passengers rocked back and forth yelling, "HEAVE HO! HEAVE...HO!" desperately trying to unwedge the boat while the (male) Captain called out encouragement.

Their (non politically correct) efforts were successful and they broke free to sail once more.

"Heave Ho"


More of todays pics can be seen HERE.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Surprise Visitor

I had a surprise visitor today.

He was a hyper little guy and only spent enough time to play with my Hello Kitty before he zoomed away.

Wanna see him?


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weekend Festivities

The 4th of July BBQ was a success.
The new grill worked wonderfully and all of the 14 attendees chowed down happily on the Brats and Hamburgers and gave them favorable reviews.
Yay me!

When the sun went down my friends 12 year old son and I set off a load of fireworks amusing the well fed crowd. MiniWarrior hung out on the fringes of things as constant noise is a bit much for him. I was very proud of how well he monitored himself and took measures to calm himself that allowed him to remain with the group and not miss out on the fun. He constantly amazes me.

It was a great weekend and our group of friends are grand. Everyone pitched in and helped set up the BBQ, chopping, filling empty bowls, helping each other out with all the tiny details that feasting demands. They even helped clean up! They rawk.

How was you Peeps 4th celebration?

Pull up a chair in comment land and give me the skinny~o.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


MiniWarrior has managed to combine his obsession of bugs and his newest obsession of all things that are Vampires. (he's been watching Dark Shadows, endlessly)


Vampire Grasshopper!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Morning Beauty

click on the images to view them larger

Wanna see more? Go here!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Humpday!

It's my Friday.

*woop!* *woop!*

I'm especially looking forward to this weekend as it's 4th of July celebration time!

Lord V and I went out and got a BBQ last night in preparation for the big cookout feast!

(Well that and the last time I used our indoor countertop grill I set off the fire alarm...causing the fire company to call and Guido-the-cat to shoot out the open front door in feline panic which he didn't show his face again til the next morning--thus causing me to panic and have a crappy nights sleep.)

But, I digress...



Celebration time!


*pumps fist and eyeballs the new grill with shifty nervous eyes*

Ya'all have a grand humpday--and great 4th celebration if I don't make it back to blogland before then!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pink Goodness!!

Remember my war with my bike (tires) last Summer?

I have retired the beast to the corner of the garage.

Enter a new phase of .....*drum roll*


I've been biking up and down my street with a big grin on my face. The neighbors must think I'm crazy!

Meh. I don't care.

She's a grand bike.