Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open House Goodness

MiniWarrior's school held the beginning of school open house BBQ tonight.
He was very excited to see his teachers and friends again.

Only 4 more days of Summer freedom for him.

Only 4 more days before Mom's freedom starts! WOO!!

Jadey posted some pics of her new pad so I thought I'd post one I took outside of mine today.

Isn't it beautiful? *sigh* I could gaze upon that view forever and never grow tired of it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Be Done Now

Yesterday was a long day.

It started off at 3am with the viewing of the Eclipse.
Magical is the best word to describe that experience!

I crawled back in bed for a little bit then back up at 4:30 to head off to work.

I headed out of work at 2pm and went to the house for the final clean job.

Filled my truck bed with the last garbage load from the garage--cleaned the garage floor and shut the garage door for the final time.

It was a bit nostalgic. I said goodbye to the house and thanked it for the good memories I had there and the moments of happy peace.

Then off to the Dump.
OK. I have to say this one thing...
GIRLS should have benefits.
We, as delicate Hello Kitty, Pink loving individuals, should not ever...
ever ever EVER have to endure such a smelly, horrible bowels-of-hell experience as found at the local Dump.

I'm scarred now. Scarred.

After the Dump I raced over to Comcast to return my DVR and Cable Modem, then zoomed from there to the Property Management to return my garage door opener and keys. was celebration time!

I popped over to Fred Meyers (local grocery store) and picked up a case of Miller Light Chill Beer to celebrate.

I'm tellin' you people. If you haven't tried this stuff--you haven't tasted BEER!
'Course, I'm not usually a beer drinker so this is probably a sort of girl beer drink...

It seemed I made a good choice as I was greeted by my Man who grinned hugely and thumped his chest saying, "Woman bring beer--GOOD!"


So, it's official, People. I'm all moved out and into the new place.

Happiness abounds.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Daily *Hiss*

Boo! He best be glad he didn't harm any cats! Grrrrrr.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


MiniWarrior was in the back seat of my truck, yacking to a friend about his current obsession: snakes and bugs.

MiniWarrior: Do Anaconda's bite you?

Friend: No. They squeeze you.

MiniWarrior: Like a hug?

Friend: No. More like a crushing hug that takes all the breath from you so you suffocate.

MiniWarrior: a tighty whitey hug?

*snort* tighty whitey hug.
Perhaps that's my cue to purchase the boy some larger ones?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

ARGH~I Be Moved: Sort Of...

Moving guys came yesterday and swooped (most of) my stuff up and crammed it into the POD.

Unfortunately...I own a superlious mountanious of crapolious which required me to rent another POD!


So. Moving men moved everything downstairs that's left and I must zoom back over to the house and finish the move.

Pant pant.

I be a tired kat!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daily *Snort*

Psst! Omg, People.

*motions you closer*

You're NOT going to believe this!

*looks left and right with shifty eyes*

Ok. Apparently there was this Dwarf who...


got his... you know...

*points down to crotch area and whispers*


stuck to a vacuum hose.

Mmm hmm! I'm not kidding!

See?? (click here)



OK. 'Splain this to me, People.

WHY. Why why why why WWWWWWWWHY???? Would you keep a SPIDER as a PET?!!

This sicko Dude had to give his Pet away because it reared up and flashed its Fangs at him.
(read full story HERE)

Yeah. OK. The fact that that creepy hairy thing had FANGS large enough for the guy to see puts it right on top of my list of Creep-eeeeooooo!!

UGH. *shudder*

I gotta go dose myself with Prozac now.

---find a happy place---find a happy place---

Monday, August 20, 2007

Two Claws Up!

At a coworkers enthusiastic recommendation my Man and I headed out last night to the local theater and watched Stardust.

It reminded me a lot of The Princess Bride with its humor and action.

Robert De Niro as the cross dressing Pirate was hysterical but in my opinion, it was Michelle Pfeiffer as an evil witch that made the movie.

I hadn't seen her in a movie in years. We definitely need MORE of her!! She was 100% fantabulous!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Guido-the-cat's New Friend

To console Guido-the-cat with all the household upheaval going on from the packing to move...
I bought him a friend.

It was love at first *scritch*

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Cabin~ing We Did Go

Thursday Morning my girlfriend and I packed my (entire) truck full of survival equipment:

We wedged the boys in the backseats-around survival gear--and headed out. (Babygirl stayed at Grandmas house)

We arrived and checked in, gathered our key to the cabin and headed over to it, following the owner driving her golf cart.

We were surprised (pleasantly) to find out our Cabin had cable TV!

We dug out our stuff, nested our blankets in our bunks and took the boys swimming at the campground pool. Afterwards we got a bonfire going back at the cabin and started our Hotdog-marshmallow feast.

My girlfriends Son, whom I refer to as "my favorite redhead", spent half the feast time burning anything he could set his hands on.
He discovered a great recipe involving flame roasted Cheetos's! lol

Alas, his culinary skills were brought to an abrupt halt when he singed his chef fingers on a roasting stick and skulked off to watch Sponge Bob while cooling his war wound with ice.

My girlfriend and I hung out by the campfire and sipped beers, talking girl talk and laughing well into the wee hours of the morning.

Next morning, we dragged ourselves up and off to the Campgrounds Pancake breakfast.
Pancakes, sausage, coffee and orange juice! Mmm... and we didn't have to cook it!

Grandness I tell you. Grandness!

Check out time was 11, so we lumbered back to our cabin, repacked the truck and headed home.

Tired. Dirty and gloriously happy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Cabin~ing We Will Go

Tomorrow I am taking MiniWarrior camping.


In a cabin.

At a campground with a pool.

I am bringing comfort in the form of a good friend and her son
and cute baby girl.

He whined and said he wanted to go "TENT camping"...

I told him he must compromise with his poor Momma.

I will take him out to the "wilds" and let him "camp"
but it must not be in a tent where crawly things live
and bathrooms are in the form of shrubbery, and blow up mattresses that
deflate in the night--exposing Mom's old bones to hard ground.


He patted me. "I understand, Mom. It's a bummer being old."


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Look. LOOK! It's a ZONKEY!!

ACK! Look at those stripey little legs...and the butt fluff!

I want one!

Monday, August 13, 2007


I swooped over to the grocery store after work tonight 'cuz Guido-the-cat was out of soft food and making his displeasure known.

I flopped the box of canned food onto the conveyor belt at the checkout stand and waited for my turn to pay.

Hmm. Batteries are on sale. Buy two packs get one free. MiniWarrior needed batteries for his lanterns he bought with his allowance. Perfect. I scooped up 3 packages and plunked them on top of the box of cat food.

Mmmm. M&M's sound good I slipped a pack on top of the batteries and cat food.

Ah. My turn to pay. I shuffled forward readying my grocery rewards card. I held out my rewards card while I fumbled with my wallet to extract my debit card. Realizing that my hand was still sticking out and the Clerk hadn't taken my rewards card, I looked up to see what was holding him up.

He stood frozen. Staring at me then sliding a look down at my purchases. Then back at me with a smirky curl of his lip.


I looked down at my pile of goods: Cat food, AA batteries, Chocolate.


I opened my mouth to explain that I was NOT the crazy horny pms'ing cat woman that he was smirking about--ran the argument through my head--realized there was no way I was getting outta this with any pride--clamped my lips shut, grabbed my purchases and slunk off.

Kayaking and the Leech

The night before heading out to Mt St Helens, I zoomed over to my Mans house and picked up his Kayak.

Once MiniWarrior was ensconced in bed, I trudged out to the garage to prepare the kayak for the trip.

I spent about an hour wrestling air into the boat with the pump that hooks to the cigarette lighter in my truck--then decided that there was no possible way the kayak would FIT into the back of my truck, filled---so I let some air out, then wrestled it into the bed of my truck. Another 20 minutes strapping it down with my cargo net and it was ready for the road trip.

The next day, after visiting all the Observatory sights of Mt St Helens, we headed out to Cold Creek Lake and set about getting the kayaks ready for launch.

Kneeling on the parking lot pavement, we pinned the kayak down and filled it with air. An hour later: sunscreen slathered on, life jackets fastened, hats unearthed and firmly mounted, we trudged down the hill to the lake to begin our kayak adventure.

My Man climbed in first, securing the boat, then MiniWarrior clambered in wedging into the front. I slithered into the vacant spot in the middle--plumpness plus age equals grunting-non-gracefulness.

Much maneuvering and cries of "Oh wait! My leg! Wait! Move just...ow ow ow...yeah there!" later...we cast off to begin our water adventure.

We were just pulling away from the dock when I caught sight of a dark shadow of movement on the side of the kayak where I was gripping it with my hand.

I twisted my head to see what it was. Oh. Just a slug. I thought. No big deal. I went to flick it off the boat then paused when it flattened and started moving forward at a rapid pace.

Towards me!!

"AAAAAAAAGH! A LEECH! A LEECH!" I screamed. There was no scrambling away from it as my plumpness was firmly wedged into the tiny space of the boat. "AHHHGH! AHHHGH!"

My Man poked at it with his kayak paddle to flick it back into the water. It clung to the side of the boat and began frantically slithering towards me, its body stretching out into a point looking like a freakin' alien as it pulled itself up the side.

My Man started bashing at it with the paddle, his efforts fueled by panicked self preservation as I was half climbing out of the boat threatening to tip us all into the leech infested water, and finally managed to whack the possessed blood drinker back into the lake.

"Oh I'm done." I panted, doing the full body heebie-jeebie shudder. "Take me back to the dock."

"You want out?"

"Oh hell yes. I'm done."

That Leech had gone back to his home and spoken of the great white feast that lay wedged in an easy access flotation device. I wasn't going to lay around waiting for the horde to attack.

We pulled up along side the dock and I wheezed, flopped and crawled my way out of the kayak and onto the warm boards. "Oh sweet jesus " I shuddered, twisting my body into contortions checking myself for alien riders.

The troop paddled away while I sat (perfectly content, thank you very much) on the dock, soaking up non Leech infested Sunshine.

1 hour packing kayak into Truck
2 hours driving to lake
1 hour unpacking kayak, filling and launching it.

3 second launch of Kat onto Dock after Leech fiasco...


Snake Badness!

I've been terrified of snakes ever since I saw how fast those muther's move.

I read this article Man bitten by beheaded snake and thought, "oh HELL no!

Picking up a snakes head...

That goes right to the top of my list of creep~eeo!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mt. St. Helens Goodness!

We're back.
It was a fantabulous day!
Brilliant sunshine shared with the ones I love and good friends.
Life at its best, People.

We headed out early this morning, picked up our caravan of friends and headed up the I-5 to Mt St Helens.

We stopped at several observatories. The view/s were un-describably beautiful.
MiniWarrior said it best:

"Mom, I can hardly stand it! It's so amazing I think my eyes are gonna pop out!"


We roamed around the museum at the top for awhile. MiniWarrior got a book on bugs--his current obsession. Us adults snapped pics and sauntered checking all the info-facts out on the explosion and the recovery process.

Can you believe the POWER of the blast? It literally BLEW the top of the tree over.

We were able to see right into the Mountain to see the developing mass. It delighted MiniWarrior with its puffs of steam.

MiniWarrior checking out a herd of Elk

The Elk

It really was amazing to see the devastation still--after 27 years.

Life is hardy and perseveres. Hmm..I suppose there's a lesson in that.

Gads. I'm tired. It was a grand time, Folks.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about Kayaking and the Leech.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mountain Road Trip!

Tomorrow we are taking MiniWarrior to go see Mt St Helens and her Museum (from when she blew her top). MiniWarrior is VERY excited.

After the Museum tour and Mt viewing, we are headed with friends to one of the mountain lakes to Kayak and picnic.

I will attempt to remember my camera and come back to Blogland to share some sights we will have seen.

Have an enjoyable weekend, All!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dis Be Some Hilarious Shizzle!

Someone created an Online Communities World Map:

HA HA HA HA! This one cracks me up!

Are you on the floor yet? This slays me!

Ok. Must. Sleep. Now. Eyeballs. Burning.

Night All.

I Got Nuthin'

I've been wracking and rattling the pea pod in my head for something to yack at ya'all in Blogland--but I got nuthin'. Nada. Nix.

Too much going on right now (house wise) so I'm distracted.

I gave my notice today to my rental company, letting them know I'm moving out September 1st.

My house has been invaded by strangers tromping through. I'm not at all comfortable with that so I'm bailing.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Road Trip Goodness!

We had a wonderful sun filled weekend. Road trip was awesome! The wedding was perfect. I mean--bride book perfect! The bride and groom radiated happiness.

Most of the pictures I took were on the road home. I snapped a gazillion of them as I wasn't sure if any would turn out. Hard to focus zooming along in a convertible with the wind whipping by!

Here are some images of the fantastic scenery I got to see in Eastern Oregon:

SunRiver Canoes


Doesn't this look like a painting?

Warm Springs Indian Reservation

I tried to capture Mt Hood but she was being elusive

Traveling Mt Hood Road

Friday, August 03, 2007

Woo! Road Trip!

We are headed out to Bend, Oregon to attend a wedding this weekend.
We will be back on Sunday.

Four hours of me sitting in a car. I pity the one driving.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Park Goodness!

We packed up and had a picnic at this park today.

MiniWarrior had a blast swimming in the creek while we (adults) sat wedged in lawn chairs slowly melting underneath the sparse shade of a tree.

Bagel sandwiches, potato salad, pizza flavored gold fish crackers and multiple drinks later, we packed up and trudged back to our truck--sunburnt and happy.

Now each of us reside in different areas of the house. Each content with the solace of our nests; air conditioner cranked, individual fans laboring. The sounds of family life fill me with contentment and happiness.

Good times, Folks. Good times.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Guess What?

It's my FRIDAY! WOO!