Monday, December 28, 2009


I bought this inflatable Santa display for our Christmas party.

He is awesome!

The only thing?

He's supposed to be motion activated meaning when you walk by him he is supposed to start waving and spew out Santa phrases at you.

I set him up and walked by him...


I waved my hand in front of his face...


I jumped up and down waving my arms, wildly...

still nothing.

So out of frustration I socked him right in his fat Santa belly...

He immediately said, "I've checked my naughty list this year, and everyone was good!"

I about keeled over laughing then proceeded to punch him again and again...

and again...

He was a smash hit at our party. (pun intended)

Every time I walked by the living room I saw someone standing in front of him giving him a hearty belly punch while laughing manically.

Best year end therapy...ever.

Good times, my Peeps.

Good times.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Grandness and Exhaustion

How was every ones Christmas?

Lord V, MiniWarrior and I had a very nice, very sweet, very busy Christmas!

We finished off our Christmas holiday last night at a friends house which was filled with all of our family of friends.

We stayed up way too late eating Christmas leftovers and playing games--It was a great way to end the month long festivities!

We played a game called Apples? Then our group split where one group played Mexican Train (a domino game) while I and my friend and her daughter played the new board game "New Moon" that they had gotten as a Christmas present.

It was a bit confusing with the multiple strange rules and the fact that on half of the challenges you had to have seen the movie (which I haven't--yet--due to my stupid bout of Swine flu and Pneumonia--*shakes a fist at Murphy*)...but it was fun.

My girlfriend and I were total Cougars as we ooh'd and aw'd over the pictures on the playing cards of Jake and Edward--wrongness--I know...!!!! hehehehe

Best part of the night was when I miss read a challenge card to my friend while she was taking a sip of her Gin drink--causing her to choke and project the drink out of both nostrils like a flame shooting dragon!

Middle aged women with weak bladders should not be allowed to witness such things...

I'm just sayin'...

So yeah. Good times, as always.

I love our friends so very much and always have such a great time whenever we can get together.

Christmas Hello Kitty Loot this year?

Hello Kitty Panini maker
Hello Kitty Makeup mirror
Hello Kitty towel set
Hello Kitty Toothbrush holder
Hello Kitty dancing dolls
Hello Kitty tablecloth and (paper) dishes
Hello Kitty stickers
Hello Kitty notebook

I was spoiled with many beautiful gifts this year (XOXOXO to Lord V, MiniWarrior, family and friends).

Favorite present this year?

A new lens for Chanda!!!

It has a 15-85 lens with standard,wide angle AND Macro functions.

The first picture I took with it was in a half lit room with sunlight piercing through a window behind the people in the shot.

When I viewed the shot on the camera screen lets just say I needed a private room and a post privacy cigarette...


The lens illuminated the people I was focusing on and muted the harsher spears of light behind them. No shadows, no false yellow from poor light...nothing but crisp clarity.


I cannot wait to take it out and see what it can all do!!

Thank you, my Lord V and--so you don't mock me for mooning over every gift other then the jewelry you bought me...

I love them. Very very much and cannot wait to wear them.

Especially while out taking fabulous pics with Chanda's new lens!!

Hehehehe :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Christmas Story: Through The Eyes of a Grumpy Teen

One of our own blogger Mom's had her teen guest blog about an incident that happened to her while at work.

Peeps, I'm tellin' you. You have to go and read her story.

But. Bring tissues. It's written so well and is such a touching story I dare you to try and read it without crying.



And leave the girl a comment, will ya? She did a fantastic job.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Ships on Columbia River

At our Christmas party on Tuesday, we were very excited when the Christmas ships paused, on their way to their scheduled tour at Steamboat Landing, to circle in front of our house, showing off their decorated ships.

We yelled and cheered and flashed our house lights at them in exuberant appreciation for their kindness. It totally made our night!

This evening MiniWarrior, Lord V and I watched Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer slurping on gigantic candy canes.

After the show we looked up to see the Christmas Ships were on the river circling in front of our house again!

We yelled "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and flashed the house lights at them, so excited that they have been so sweet to put our house on their list of places to show off their decorated boats!

Totally cool. Totally awesome!

To those kind souls who circled our house, THANK YOU!!! We LOVE your decorated boats and plan our Christmas party around you, filling our home with excited friends who love and appreciate your efforts very, very much!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook Cult has kidnapped me!

I realized this week that I hadn't been to my blogger home in a couple of weeks!

Why you ask?

One word.


Yes. *hangs head* I have joined the cult that is Facebook.

I resisted because really--why would I join all the lemmings that have flung themselves off the blog cliff into Facebook land?

I was snobby. I turned my nose at Facebook lemmings heartily refusing to even think about joining.

Then. It happened.

My brother was notified by gradeschool classmates of mine who were seeking me out.

Then, college friends hounded me with their offers of "join facebook and see how we all look like now!" requests.

And? Really. The allure to see what everyone looks like after 30 years was too tempting to resist.

So. I joined.

"Just to see the pictures and then I'd delete my account" I assured myself.

Then I got game requests from friends whom I had added so I could see their pictures.

I clicked on one game. An amusing little game called FARMVILLE.

You can plant and grow your or receive animals from other farming friends, buy houses...

Suddenly I found myself logging in compulsively to see how my crops were growing. Or if someone had found a stray animal on their farm that I could adopt for my farm.

Then...the fish tank game invites came and I thought...well...I'll join that game and feed my fish while waiting for my crops to grow...


3 fish tanks, a Kats Chow Cafe, a farm, a Zoo a pet at petville that is like a virtual Hello kitty who's house you can decorate...and another pet app where I feed and care for 4 cats...oh and Vampire wars and some sort of Harry Potter Wizard war game later and....

Facebook now owns my soul.


What little time I do have left is spent working and planning mega Christmas parties.

One which is tonight at our home. It's Christmas Ship party time!!

And tomorrow is our work Christmas party which I've been working along side my boss in helping arrange and organize as well as zooming out and gathering swell door prizes. YAY!

I've been trying to take it easy as I'm still getting over the pneumonia plague but really people, I ain't got time to lay around!

Speaking of...*peers at my watch* I gotta run. My fish on Fishville need feeding or they'll go belly up.

Oh sure. Mock me! But I'm tellin' you, I've invested time and click energy feeding those bastards so I can harvest them for experience points and I can buy more fish which I can feed and clean up after so I can harvest them for experience points and gold which then I can buy more fish so I can...

Oh god.

Someone. Help me!

and by help? I mean join Facebook so you can be my neighbor so I can expand my farm so I can grow more crops and get more experience points and...




Monday, December 07, 2009

Daily *Snort*

You have got to click on this link...



Sunday, December 06, 2009


So, yesterday Lord V and I stopped at a Sonic Drive In (fast food joint for those who do not know what Sonic is).

It's new to our area and we had yet to try it even though we'd been bombarded with Sonic commercials for the past 3 years!

I was driving my truck which required a bit of tricky maneuvering to pull into the tiny drive in slot. (Remember those? A&W used to have them)

mmmm A&W

*blink* I was sayin'...

I pulled into the drive in slot right next to the little menu. We perused it for a bit waiting for someone to come out and take our order when I spied the red button by a speaker on the board.


I reached out to push it but alas, I was too short so I had to open my door and lean one leg out of my truck to be able to reach the button to place our order.

"Get me a Recess Pieces shake" Lord V called to me.

I stretched, pushed the button and leaning as close to the little speaker as possible I yelled...

"I'd like a large Recess Penis Shake!"

Then froze in horror as my brain rewound what I had just yelled, then promptly fell in to a fit of giggles that would have done a 12 year old girl proud.


I'm back, my Peeps.

I'm. Back.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

And....I'm Back!

After much sleep and much lazing on the sofa--I have recooperated enough to rejoin society :)

I went for a checkup on Wednesday, was given more pain pills (woo!) for the headaches that still plague me and an inhaler for when I grow winded from my ailing lungs having to work overtime.

I have been pounding the internet stores getting my Christmas shopping done. I've gotten quite far and found some really cool stuff!

Today Lord V and I ventured out and did some more shopping.

We came home after picking MiniWarrior up from school and I became consumed with the need to get my Christmas village up.

It is done--except for the fake snow that I must still buy to drizzle over everything--and then it will be complete!!

Wait...I'll take a quick pic of it with my iPhone.

Hang on..brb...

Ok I'm back. Miss me? ...

Here ya go.




Ok one more...

Gabby Abby attacking the Christmas Cat :)

So. There ya go.

Aren't you glad I'm feelin' better?


Monday, November 30, 2009

I Think I shall (yet) Live...

Two days of confinement have passed and I do not yet strain at my tethers.

A true sign of being very ill, to be sure.

Thank you all for your well wishes.

I do, indeed, feel much better although still very fragile.

I've learned I cannot walk and talk at the same time.

Well I say "walk" when I really mean the thing I do when shuffling my slipper clad feet across the floor from my bedroom to the bathroom and on to the sofa.

I do believe the week I spent with EWO took something vital out of me and this is my minds way of making myself lay quietly and repair the marks she lay open inside of me.

I cannot continue to do this.

I made a vow that I will not ever attend to her again for that amount of time without having a safe haven to retreat to.

In my home I can turn my face into Lord V's and my friends embraces to hide, and revitalize and re-engergize.

I am no longer the "tough" person I had to be to survive growing up.

Being surrounded by loving friends both in blogland, my clan of friends close by me and my Lord V and our sweet little family--I have gentled and can no longer fling up the iron barriers against the ugliness that was my past.

Tis a good thing. A wonderous thing.

And something that I must teach myself to keep around me at all times instead of trying to face things alone.

And I thank you. All. For this amazing gift.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sick Kat

I just got back from emergency.

I've been sick with flu...after much drugs and two IV bags of fluid, it has been determined I have pneumonia.

I've been ordered to full bed rest for a week.

Nurse gave Lord V his General Star so I am now under his watch.

Drugs. Good. Bed. Good. Week confinement?...*sulk*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

Potato Menu

I took a snapshot of part of the menu for the potato vender for y'all.

Mmm Mmm Goodness!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot Potato!

There is a new food cart in town, right by my work building.

It's called Spud Locker...and it sells...BAKED POTATOES!!!!!!

Why am I yelling this information?

Because BAKED POTATOES are my favorite food in the world!


Life. Is. Good.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Again

Thanks to all my blogger friends who offered their shoulders for me to lean on while I ranted about my stay with EWO.

It is very good to be home.

I have made two resolutions:

1. I must seriously think of cutting off all contact with EWO.

2. I resolve to be kinder in my actions to those around me. I have slacked off on this area and I apologize to all those whom I have been selfish to.

MiniWarrior remained undamaged from the week with EWO and was excited about having traveled to Houston.

I. Well I am weary to my very bones.

I feel like I've battled in a particular ugly skirmish and came away alive but with fresh scars.

My insides hurt.

It is a particular painful thing to look into the face of rejection.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Children's Museum

Today I am taking MiniWarrior to the Children's Museum.

Many people speak of how wonderful it is. He's hopping with excitement :)

Wednesday I took him to the Houston Zoo. I'll download some of our pics and try and post one later today.

My favorite? The baby Orangutan who kept harassing his Mother!

I wonder why that was my favorite? hehehe :D

Tomorrow (early) MiniWarrior and I head back to Lord V and our home in Washington.

I. Can't. Wait.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Homicidal Kat

MiniWarrior showing EWO a wind up Praying Mantis toy he got at a 5 and 10 store today:

"Look, "EWO" isn't it cool?"

"Pft. It's a shame how many toys you have. I tell all my friends that you have way too many toys."

MiniWarrior looked at me puzzled.

"He's fine, EWO. Leave the boy alone." I said.

"No no. He has way too many toys. It's terrible."

"You know what that means when a child has lots of toys? It means they are loved." I said smiling reassuringly at MiniWarrior.

"Well. My kids never had so many toys and I had 4 kids."

"Yes. I know." I said looking her in the eye. "I was one of them."

"I was a good Mom, because you learned to work instead of being spoiled with toys." She said jerking her head in a self righteous nod.

I hugged MiniWarrior and whispered in his ear to ignore EWO. That she didn't understand kindness.

"I know, Mom" He whispered back. "She's a mean person and doesn't know how to be nice."

He is growing up and learning to see people for who they are instead of through the veil of innocence that layer a childs eyes.

I am proud and I am sad.

And I resolve to buy him another toy the next opportunity I can.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another EWO Gem...

Wait wait...I almost forgot to post this gem of EWO's today.

We were waiting with a group of people for the shuttle that would take us to the Medical Center this morning.

EWO complimented a woman's hair (wait for it...wait for it) then when the womans husband who had chemo patches of hair on his head said, "What about mine?" EWO snorted and said, "No, not yours, you're bald!"

oh gets better...

While the woman softly stroked her husbands back and reassured him that she loved his hair...EWO stood beside me and said:

"You know, my friend in Mexico read on the computer that men--like that guy--pointing to the man she had just insulted...who have belly's that hang over their belts have no sex drive what-so-ever because they're so fat."

As we were standing right by the poor guy he could not help but hear her. The group shot her a stunned look and I grabbed her arm and pulled her away from them.

"Mom. That guy obviously has cancer." I whispered scoldingly to her.

"Oh dear. That poor poor man." She said.

Then proceeded to talk about friends of hers who had died horrible deaths from cancer through the entire shuttle ride to the Medical Center.

How she's lived to reach 83? Is a complete mystery to me.

EWO Update

After an entire day in the doctors office we have discovered that there will be no surgery for EWO.

The organ they refer to as her "heart" is in pretty good shape for her 83 years. They are going to pump her full of meds and do further stress tests on her next Tuesday, before releasing her to slither back to her Mexico lair.

She is fretting because she doesn't want to pay for another hotel room once MiniWarrior and I leave on Saturday. She can afford it, she just considers it a waste of money...

Here is a gem from a conversation she had with the nurse before we left the doctors office today:

"My friend in Mexico said that when she had tests here she didn't want to stay in a hotel so they gave her a key to a storage room and let her sleep there. Isn't that perfect? Could I have that room?"

The nurse blinked at her and said, "I don't have a key to a closet for you to stay in."

As she walked away to finalize a follow up appointment for EWO, EWO whispered, "I thought she'd offer for me to stay with her...but she hasn't said anything to me."

Ah the crazy twisted mind that is EWO.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I sat for a month on a mountain top and pondered the craziest thing I could think of.

And trust me. I can think up some crazy shizzle.

As always...

Good times.

Goooooooood times.

Deep Breathing Exercises

I'm laying on the hotel bed breathing deep trying to rid myself of the urge to tie EWO's wrinkles in a Mafia necktie.

The sound of her praying in tongues (undecipherable language to non demon ears)...snakes up the stairway to my loft hideaway.

Miniwarrior escaped to the outdoor stairway. His fortress of solitude.

Over breakfast this morning she reached a claw over and gripped Miniwarriors arm.

"Don't let him get any heavier", she hissed.

"Stop". I warned.

"No. He needs to watch his..."

"Stop it. Right now.". I snarled.

For I know if she is not immediately checked she will spew hurtful poison.

"Oh I know what I'm saying". she hissed. "I've raised kids."

"Yes, I know how you've raised kids". I said looking straight into her eyes."

"Don't talk to me like that". she sulked.

"Then back off of my kid". I said-unfased by her pout. "I won't tell you again"

She slunk back into her wrinkled shell and pouted.

MiniWarrior looked at me with wide eyes. He didn't understand why Mom sounded mad.

EWO slithered off to get some more breakfast and I explained how sometimes "grandma" says rude things just because she can.

"Why?" He asked. His beautiful innocent eyes blinking over at me.

"I think because no one ever tells her not to be" I said. "But I will because you are my son and I won't allow her to be rude to you."

MiniWarrior smiled at me. "That's because you're a nice Mom and you won't learn to be rude like grandma."

"No, son, I won't. I'm your guard dog and I'll snarl at anyone who gets near my puppy."

He giggled and toasted me with his juice cup. "Woof woof!"

"Woof Woof!" I said and clicked my coffee cup against his.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Houston...We've Arrived!

MiniWarrior was so excited to be on an airplane. It made me feel a little bad for having waited so long to take him on one.

The nice lady who's seat assignment was by the window, changed places with Miniwarrior so he could stare out the window. She was very sweet and I found out she works in the same building as I do!! LOL. Small world.

I had filled two carry ons with games and coloring pens and paper, MiniWarriors movie player, iPod...etc hoping to keep MiniWarrior occupied on our 6 hours of flight time.

He colored on two sheets of paper and watched a third of a movie. The rest of the time he sat with his nose pressed against the plane window exclaiming how beautiful everything was from way up high!

"Oh wow, Mom. I feel so small!"

"Look at those clouds, don't they look like mashed potatoes?"

"Where's my camera? I GOT to take a picture of this!" (he's so my boy...hehehe)

Everything went great...until we got to the airport. EWO was supposed to meet us at our baggage terminal--which of course she never showed up at.

I expected this, which is why I hired a driver instead of relying on a cab.

Thank goodness I did. Her terminal ended up a 10 minute freeway drive from ours.

The driver pulled over, I hopped out and found her casually pushing her luggage around the terminal humming to herself like she had no cares in the world.

No...omg I'm so sorry, I didn't reaize there wouldn't be a way to get to your baggage terminal...I was so worried we wouldnt meet up!"

Just, "oh, I knew you'd come."

Nice that she has so much faith in me.

grind grind grind


She was very happy to see MiniWarrior and I though, and both he and she are ensconsed in their hotel beds snoozing while I am write this blog rant.

Do ya sense its going to be a long week, Peeps?


good times...

good times.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Momentary Stress

I called up the Airline to ask them what documentation I needed for MiniWarrior to fly with me (as he has no photo ID).

While on the phone with the agent, I asked her if she could tell us what seats we had as Orbitz function of allowing me to choose a seat wasn't working when I purchased them online.

"I'm sorry Ma'am. We don't have two seats left that are together."

"Um. No. I am traveling with my son. I need to be sitting by him."

"I'm sorry. There are no more seats together."

"No. No no no. You don't understand. My son is Autistic, has never flown before and needs to be beside me or he will flip out!"

"One moment while I put you on hold."

I sat on hold long enough for me to grind through my first layer of tooth enamel, feeling my heart pound inside my chest while pictures of passengers lunging frantically for the exits--mid air--after being a captive audience for 4 hours of MiniWarriors diatriba on Mantis and frog growth specifications--spun around my head like a bad 70's 8 track tape.

The lady came back onto the phone and had not only found us two seats together, but had placed us right behind First Class in the handicap seats for all 4 of the planes we would be traveling to and from Houston.

Thank you, US Airways! That was an awesome move on your part :)

One step closer to EWO time, Peeps.

Good times.

good times...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hell Is Freezing Over

It has happened, my Peeps.

I have found something Hello Kitty I do not wish to be on my Christmas list.


Ghetto Kitty!


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Eminent EWO Visit

The tickets are purchased. The hotel reservations made.

MiniWarrior and I will be headed out to Houston to be with EWO during her doctor/hospital visit on the 16th of this month.

With the help of her friend in Mexico (who is wonderful and has made all the doctor arrangements), I found a hotel close by the medical facility that has two bedrooms.

It's a small thing...but a huge relief of stress off of me to think there will be a room with walls that MiniWarrior and I can escape to should the urge to wring EWO's neck come upon me.

MiniWarrior is excited to be going on an airplane. This will be his first air trip. With his autism it was not possible to even think of confining him in a public transportation vehicle that we could not quickly remove ourselves from should he begin to stress out.

He has grown so much this past year and has gained such control over his autism that I now forget (at times) that he has this disability.

I cannot describe enough the pride I have watching him grow and develop into a wonderful man.

Monday, November 02, 2009

:Monday Morning Coolness!

Check this out

Somehow my AKatseyeview photoblog made it onto a photoblog site! :)


Please go there and VOTE!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Houston, Prepare for EWO Arrival

I received a call from EWO's friend in Mexico. She is the one making all the hospital plans in Houston for EWO.

It looks like I'll be heading to Houston around the 9th of November. Why EWO couldn't call and tell me herself, I don't know. I am quite used to getting the obscure phone call from someone I've never met who knows my mother and is passing on a message from her.

*eye roll*

I've decided to take MiniWarrior with me. I just have gut feeling that I should. That he should see EWO. With the state of her heart and her age (83) could be the last time he gets to see her--or at least the last time she will get to see him before he becomes a full blown teenager.

I talked with him about it and how he would have to be a mini adult during the trip. No whining, no complaining during long doctor visits--plus the 6 hour plane ride to Houston.

He thought about it and was a little scared that he'd be massively bored...but you know what made his final decision to go? The fact that he would be with me for an entire week instead of a half that he usually spends at his Dad's house and then mine.

I think he is the reason for global warming. He can melt the coldest icecap with his sweetness.

I love my Mini Man.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daily *Snort*

The horked out mouse is so me in less then 2 hours!

Come'on Weekend...COME'ON!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holy Crapola I'm Bored!

This is me, tugging frantically at my work leash.

*tug tug tug*

*hack* *wheeze*

*tug tug tug*


I'm so freakin' bored and I have an hour and a half of work left.

I think it's 'cuz I took a long walk at lunch, enjoying the brisk Fall air.

It makes coming back to work feel so confining, know what I'm sayin?

Let's see. What news do I have? Ah yes...

Lord V and I have been watching the show WEEDS. Have you all seen that show?

We are coming into it really late. I guess it's in its 5th Season now?

I've hooked my laptop up to our big screen and we've been watching the first season through Netflix-Play Now. We finished the first season last night and I'm anxious to get to watchin' Season 2 tonight!

Oh! I totally forgot to blog about something really cool that happened to Lord V and I on our way to dinner with friends about a month ago.

We saw a rainbow on the way to their house and I was just commenting on how I was going to start referring to these particular friends of ours as the "rainbow people" because we seem to always see a rainbow on the way to their place...

When we drove up a hill and were just rounding a corner in the road and there it was...

The end of the rainbow right on the road in front of us!!

I have never seen the end of a rainbow. I thought it was a myth! Nope. No myth, my Peeps. We saw its end. All the colors of the stripes in the rainbow touched down onto the pavement and we drove right into it!

No pot of gold though. Freakin' cheap ass leprechauns.

No skittles either.

It was fantabulously cool though! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm thrilled to be feeling normal once again.

Yes...yes I know--pictures of GabbyAbby dressed in multiple costumes does not speak well of the state of my "normalness" I know...

*eye roll*

I speak purely of my physical state.

Speaking of health...

We had a scary bit of news this weekend. One of my girlfriends from my chick group was hospitalized with the Swine flu!!

She is back home now but we all hung on the phone for updates (thanks, Jerry!)during her hospitalization as we were gravely concerned.

On other news. I took MiniWarrior to our local pet store to get more crickets for his frog, Jabba when MiniWarrior called me over to look at cats in the adoption section of the store.

"Mom! Mom you have to see this!" He called out to me. "This cat looks just like Guido!"

I peered down and there...there was a tiny image of my Guido. Same face, same color. I felt my heart squeeze painfully.

MiniWarrior and I sat outside the cage for a bit, just gazing at Guido's twin. God we miss our Guido. It was nice to see a live version of him if only for a tiny bit.

After I dropped MiniWarrior at his Dad's house for the rest of the weekend, I dragged Lord V to the pet store so he could see the tiny Guido.

Speaking of Lord V...he has expressed an interest in doing a guest blog post here so keep an eyeball out for more insanity!


This Friday we plan on taking MiniWarrior along with our friends to a haunted house that some other friends of ours puts on every year.

I hate haunted houses...but MiniWarrior is very excited so I shall squinch my eyes tightly closed, cling to the back of Lord V and MiniWarrior while sandwiched in with friends (sort of like side air bags to prevent grabbage of evil things on me)...and "endure" the haunted freakishness.

Feel the love...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

GabbyAbby: Queen of the High Seas!

Wanna see more?

go HERE!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

AbbyGabby 1. Devil Horn Costume: 0

What the...

Oh hell no!

Git it off...git it off...git it OFF!

Die foul demon. DIE!


By God, Jim... She's Alive!

The flu bug has left my pudgy carcass, my Peeps.

It stopped and cleaned out my cubboards and took all my energy bars as it slithered out the door...but nothing remains of the bug except the sludge trails glistening on my lungs floor.


breathe the glorious air of freedom!


*cough cough hack hack wheeze*

Oh yeah. It's good to be alive!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somebody Punch Mr. Flu Bug in the Snout!

Later yesterday afternoon I crawled off the sofa and had enough energy to toss a load of towels in the laundry and to de-crappify the coffee table of all that had gathered since my sofa-sick-nest time over the past 3 days.

This accomplished, I figured I was well enough to drag my pale carcass to work this morning.

I lasted 4 hours. My coworkers and Boss seemed quite relieved to see me and my plague ridden body vacate my cubicle and depart for home where my germs could be contained and not communally shared.


I do feel better.

Just apparently not so "better" that I can join the regular population.

I do know one thing. I've never gotten a flu shot before. Never really believed in them as the people I've seen get them, always got the flu-anyways.

But this year?

Bring your pointy needle poison juice and shoot it into me and my loved ones.

'Cuz if this month is representative of how this Winter sickie season is gonna be? We're going to need all the help we can get.

Monday, October 19, 2009


It is, of course, inevitable that I should fall sick after 3 days caring for my sick MiniWarrior.

I felt a tickle in my throat and chest late Saturday night and woke up with a stronger tickle on Sunday when I headed for work--but I kept pouring tea and airborne into my system hoping to avoid the inevitable.

Suddenly around 10am, yesterday, I was hit with a bout of full body shakes that would not dissipate even while huddled in front of my space heater.

I had brought a packet of theraflu to work with me, but that did not even touch the shakes.

At 11am, I could not fight it anymore, called my boss at home and gave in to the inevitableness of being sick.


Once home, I threw a bunch of blankets on the sofa and fell upon them with a groan of relief. I was home and Lord V would take care of me.

Which he did, wonderfully.

My boss text me a link to the government site that had Swine flu info. I started reading it and then panicked over how MiniWarrior was doing.

I called his Step Mom. MiniWarrior was doing fine--but now his step siblings were sick with it. She had taken her daughter to the doctor because of the 103 temp. Doc told her it was not swine flu, and to treat her with a full dose of Motrin and a full dose of Tylenol at that same time.

I took that advice, drank down a packet of Theraflu which has the ingredient of Tylenol in it and chased it down with 2 Ibuprofen.

I crashed for another couple of hours, woke up and the fever was broken.


I slept the entire day and night away and awoke this morning with a cough and extreme light headedness...but I think I shall live.

So, my peeps. If you should contract this dreaded flu? Remember, take ibuprofen along with Tylenol at the same time. It really works!

I must away to the sofa now.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MiniWarrior Sickies and Ultimate Cat Block Move!

I went and hung out with my gang at the hotel, Friday evening.

Unfortunately, I sent a text to Lord V around 9 when we were just sitting down for a late dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to check in on MiniWarrior (as he had not been feeling well).

Lord V text back: "102.7 fever..."

I spoke to my little guy on the phone. He sounded miserable so I hugged my chicks goodbye, packed up my dinner and headed back home.

His fever dropped down to 101 by the time I got home. I sat up with him for a bit then went to sleep.

He slept until 10 in the morning and felt much better. Big relief on my old heart!!

With all this craziness going on about the dangers of Swine Flu, etc. I was a little stressed!

I babied him for the rest of the day, sitting in the family room, playing WoW and keeping an eagle Mom eye on MiniWarrior--making sure he stayed resting and hydrated, (even though he said he "felt much better").

Gabby Abby grew tired of my Warcrafting and pulled the ultimate Cat Block move on me!


LOL! Dang cat :)

Later that evening, we dropped MiniWarrior at his dad's house then headed out to a Halloween party with friends.It was nice to finally be able to relax after a weekend of stressful sickies!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Girls Night Out!

It's that time again.

The wonderful time when my favorite chicks and I gather together and spend a night out on the town.

I never had girlfriends growing up. Only guy friends. But I have found a treasure trove of female friends these past years.

Each one is different in personality but we blend in perfect girlie harmony.

It has been a stressful week at work (I snarled at my Boss several times) and a bit of a stressful time at home as MiniWarrior suddenly came down with the flu Thursday morning--but the work week is over and MiniWarrior appears to be on the mend--so tonight?

Tonight I shall frolic and immerse myself in a glorious chickfest :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Attack of the Giant GRAPE!

Yesterday Lord V and I went to the Word Market (a grocery store) in Portland so I could pick up some more fruit.

I was putting around sniffing the hind ends of pears and peaches (to check for ripeness) when I turned the corner and saw...


EEH! EEH! EEH! EEH! (scary psycho knife wielding music)

These grapes are freakin' HUGE!

I took a pic of them next to regular size grapes so you can see just how large they are.



Fantabulous! :D

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Princess Gabby Abby!

I went to the dollar store today while waiting for new tires to be put on my truck.
Guess what they had?

Pet Halloween Costumes!

I picked up all three of the styles they had.

A Cowboy. A Princess and a Devil.

Gabby Abby says she prefers the princess one!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Your Daily Geek *SNORT*

Thank you, Jadey! This is freakin' hilarious and scaryily representative!

I Have Achieved, Geekdom!

To amuse myself while working out on my treadmill in our garage, I have been watching old VHS tapes I have of the Highlander Series.

Mmm...sword wielding Adrian Paul...purrr purrr...

So...the other evening after getting pumped up with adrenaline lifting weights, sweating on my treadmill while watching Adrian Paul lop some baddies head off on the garage TV, I swaggered into the kitchen and bellowed, "I am Duncan McLeod from the clan McLeod..." In my best Scottish accent...then flexed my girl guns at Lord V (who was watching TV in the family room), plunked down and logged onto WoW on my laptop.

As the opening music of my game wafted out from my laptops speakers...I had a sudden epiphany, My Peeps.

I am: "Geek"

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gotta Love Fall

Lunch time walkies today was awesome.

The City was ablaze with beginning Fall colors.

I shall no longer mourn Summers end and shall embrace Fall!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Have You Tried The New Instant Coffee From Starbucks?

My boss came to work today with packets of Starbucks VIA ready brew. (yay boss!)

It's the new thing Starbucks is trying to push: Instant Starbucks coffee you can carry in your pocket for emergency caffine hits.

My verdict?

Meh--it's not bad. It's sort of like higher end Hotel room coffee that you brew in their 2 cup coffee pots.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Proactive Kat

I think I might have finally grown up this past year.

Many medical situations of those close to me has awakened a proactive maturity cell inside me this past year.

Usually I treat my body sort of like how I (usually) treat the vehicles I drive.

Find the cheapest fuel and if I have time and it isn't too inconvenient, drag it over for an oil change.

*dust hands--good to go*

Seeing the age ticker click over to 44 has caused something inside me to finally wake up.

Well that and the 6 needles my rheumatologist jammed into my knees to try and help alleviate the fluid build up that mysteriously flared up when I was 29 and has never stopped reoccurring.

There is truth to the saying, "Reward does not change behavior--Pain does"

I have heard since I was 9 and was first diagnosed with a rare condition that attacks my vocal chords area--that my immune system is low.

Through all the tests the Knee Doc has been doing on my joints, they only diagnosis they can give me is, "you immune system is low".


Is this just Doc speak for "We don't know what the hell is wrong with you so we're blaming it on the immune system" or is it a pattern that shows both my throat issue and my joint issues are linked?

I have long thought my throat issue is related to every Spring and Fall it gets worse and it seems I'm in those times for surgery.

I thought the allergies were things in the air--which to some degree I do believe--however, I've noticed another thing.

When I went on the low carb, high protein diet last year where I pretty much eliminated breads, pasta's, rice, potatoes..etc and just ate fruit, meats and salads--that:
1. I had tons of energy and
2. My joints had much less flare ups.

Hmmmm. Interesting.

So, I decided to grow up and start taking charge of what goes into my body to see if there is a link.

15lb loss later, I not only notice a remarkable difference in energy (that's a given with weight loss) but I've noticed the disappearance of joint pain.

Not just in my knees which would be obvious with less weight on them--but my shoulders, elbows, wrists...etc. Places that are not weight bearing joints.

Pain that had begun waking me up at night is---gone.

I'm now in the process to see if this will make a difference on my throat issues.

With the miracle of technology--I no longer am required to be knocked out and spend a day in surgery for my throat issue. I can go to the doctor and have it done right in the clinic with a 10-15 minute surgery.

No drugs. Nothing but numbing spray misted into my throat.

I drive myself home with a sore throat but zero drug after affects.

Awesome. Miraculous, really.

So, I've made a charge to myself that I would endure these treatments as often as I could so that I could (hopefully) be on top of this disease that has run amok in my body for so many years and start showing it who's really in charge.

Will I win? I don't know. I do know that taking a proactive stance can't hurt, right?

And the added benefit of watching the pile of too-large-clothing build up on my closet floor ain't a bad side effect of my take-charge experiment, either. ;)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moody Kat

I've been slinking around the house lately all moody Kat.

Last night as I stood in the brisk Fall evening wind grilling Honey Bourbon Chicken Breasts (mmm)I had a conversation with myself to try and figure out the moody cloud that's been hovering over me.

A lot of things (large things) were obvious. One being my Mom's (EWO) open heart surgery coming up sometime in October.

It's worrisome. This looming surgery for EWO. She's 83 and last time I saw her she appeared fragile. I worry that she won't wake up from the surgery or that there will be complications and she won't survive afterwards. I'm trying to prepare for that. To organize things that if this should happen what I would need to do with her things in Mexico and lawyers and bookkeepers etc. Mostly, I dread the grief. The loss...and...the relief.

I think that's whats really making me moody. The fact that there is a tiny part of me that would be relieved that that part of my life would be over. How wrong is that? How terrible is that? How awful?


I spent my childhood chanting two things to help me survive through it:

1. This will not last forever. Someday you'll be an adult, have a family of your own to love and love you.

2. You will not let her change you. You will strive to be kind, compassionate and unselfish so that one day when you stand over her grave you can dust your hands and say "I won" "It is done" and walk away without regret.

MiniWarrior and I have been fortunate to have found someone who loves us and has taken us into his life like lost foster children and has embraced us as family, opening his home and sharing us with his extended family.

Step one is complete.

The reality of Step two is more complicated.

Now that I am facing the reality where the time that I can "dust my hands" might very well be in the near future I'm conflicted, my Peeps. Seriously conflicted.

Time has softened the wounds of my childhood. Wounds that this woman created. But she is a human being whom I have history with. One who laughs and cries and dreams...and I feel ugly for the confliction inside me.

So, I'm moody for I'm very much afraid I've failed in kindness, compassion and unselfishness.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Goodness

I've found myself playing World of Warcraft a lot this past week.

My mind is filled with work and I find it hard to relax. Zooming around in the virtual world of warcraft helps me relax.

Is it a bit disturbing that running around killing things is relaxing?

*shifts my eyes around nervously*

I did have something cool happen in the WoW world this weekend.

I acquired and epic pet! What's that you ask?

My character is a Huntress and she has the ability to tame enemy animals to make them her pets.

Once they are her pets they fight along side her helping kill baddies.

This weekend?

I tamed a very strong cat who bears the title "EPIC" in his name. This means he's tougher then normal cats.

You see the pic of the big cat on my blog banner?

That's what he looks like!! :D

*hops around with geeket excitement and pumps a victorious fist in the air*


It takes so little, my Peeps.

It takes so little.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Busy

Crazy busy time at work right now.

I shall return when I can breathe again.

Meantime--I give you for your viewing entertainment!

*waggles fingers and zooms back to work*

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Events and EWO Future Events

We had a busy weekend. Lord V's family was in town and one of our favorite couples came and stayed with us.

We had a really good time with them and the gathering of all his other relatives on Saturday--so many people in a small space though...yikes, my head is still ringing!!

Speaking of relatives...

My Mom (EWO) is supposed to go in for open heart surgery soon. Her heart has a leaky valve. :( I will be flying out to be with her somewhere in California (she has yet to send me details as to where she's having her surgery)...sometime in the next couple of weeks.

It is a bit scary as this is major surgery for anyone let alone an 83 year old woman.
She was very happy when I told her I would fly out to be with her during it--but honestly, no matter our past history, she is my Mom for godsake. Why would I leave her to go through something like this alone?! She makes me crazy but (god bless her evil wrinkled soul) I love her.

I haven't heard when she is having the surgery yet--but that is typical. She will let me know (probably the day of the surgery) but I know this about her so I have prepared my work in advance of my need to suddenly depart. I work with a great group and a wonderful boss who has worked overtime in making sure this process will be as smooth as possible for me.

So, if I should suddenly depart and disappear for a bit from blogland--you'll know I'm by EWO's side.