Monday, December 28, 2009


I bought this inflatable Santa display for our Christmas party.

He is awesome!

The only thing?

He's supposed to be motion activated meaning when you walk by him he is supposed to start waving and spew out Santa phrases at you.

I set him up and walked by him...


I waved my hand in front of his face...


I jumped up and down waving my arms, wildly...

still nothing.

So out of frustration I socked him right in his fat Santa belly...

He immediately said, "I've checked my naughty list this year, and everyone was good!"

I about keeled over laughing then proceeded to punch him again and again...

and again...

He was a smash hit at our party. (pun intended)

Every time I walked by the living room I saw someone standing in front of him giving him a hearty belly punch while laughing manically.

Best year end therapy...ever.

Good times, my Peeps.

Good times.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Grandness and Exhaustion

How was every ones Christmas?

Lord V, MiniWarrior and I had a very nice, very sweet, very busy Christmas!

We finished off our Christmas holiday last night at a friends house which was filled with all of our family of friends.

We stayed up way too late eating Christmas leftovers and playing games--It was a great way to end the month long festivities!

We played a game called Apples? Then our group split where one group played Mexican Train (a domino game) while I and my friend and her daughter played the new board game "New Moon" that they had gotten as a Christmas present.

It was a bit confusing with the multiple strange rules and the fact that on half of the challenges you had to have seen the movie (which I haven't--yet--due to my stupid bout of Swine flu and Pneumonia--*shakes a fist at Murphy*)...but it was fun.

My girlfriend and I were total Cougars as we ooh'd and aw'd over the pictures on the playing cards of Jake and Edward--wrongness--I know...!!!! hehehehe

Best part of the night was when I miss read a challenge card to my friend while she was taking a sip of her Gin drink--causing her to choke and project the drink out of both nostrils like a flame shooting dragon!

Middle aged women with weak bladders should not be allowed to witness such things...

I'm just sayin'...

So yeah. Good times, as always.

I love our friends so very much and always have such a great time whenever we can get together.

Christmas Hello Kitty Loot this year?

Hello Kitty Panini maker
Hello Kitty Makeup mirror
Hello Kitty towel set
Hello Kitty Toothbrush holder
Hello Kitty dancing dolls
Hello Kitty tablecloth and (paper) dishes
Hello Kitty stickers
Hello Kitty notebook

I was spoiled with many beautiful gifts this year (XOXOXO to Lord V, MiniWarrior, family and friends).

Favorite present this year?

A new lens for Chanda!!!

It has a 15-85 lens with standard,wide angle AND Macro functions.

The first picture I took with it was in a half lit room with sunlight piercing through a window behind the people in the shot.

When I viewed the shot on the camera screen lets just say I needed a private room and a post privacy cigarette...


The lens illuminated the people I was focusing on and muted the harsher spears of light behind them. No shadows, no false yellow from poor light...nothing but crisp clarity.


I cannot wait to take it out and see what it can all do!!

Thank you, my Lord V and--so you don't mock me for mooning over every gift other then the jewelry you bought me...

I love them. Very very much and cannot wait to wear them.

Especially while out taking fabulous pics with Chanda's new lens!!

Hehehehe :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Christmas Story: Through The Eyes of a Grumpy Teen

One of our own blogger Mom's had her teen guest blog about an incident that happened to her while at work.

Peeps, I'm tellin' you. You have to go and read her story.

But. Bring tissues. It's written so well and is such a touching story I dare you to try and read it without crying.



And leave the girl a comment, will ya? She did a fantastic job.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Ships on Columbia River

At our Christmas party on Tuesday, we were very excited when the Christmas ships paused, on their way to their scheduled tour at Steamboat Landing, to circle in front of our house, showing off their decorated ships.

We yelled and cheered and flashed our house lights at them in exuberant appreciation for their kindness. It totally made our night!

This evening MiniWarrior, Lord V and I watched Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer slurping on gigantic candy canes.

After the show we looked up to see the Christmas Ships were on the river circling in front of our house again!

We yelled "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and flashed the house lights at them, so excited that they have been so sweet to put our house on their list of places to show off their decorated boats!

Totally cool. Totally awesome!

To those kind souls who circled our house, THANK YOU!!! We LOVE your decorated boats and plan our Christmas party around you, filling our home with excited friends who love and appreciate your efforts very, very much!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook Cult has kidnapped me!

I realized this week that I hadn't been to my blogger home in a couple of weeks!

Why you ask?

One word.


Yes. *hangs head* I have joined the cult that is Facebook.

I resisted because really--why would I join all the lemmings that have flung themselves off the blog cliff into Facebook land?

I was snobby. I turned my nose at Facebook lemmings heartily refusing to even think about joining.

Then. It happened.

My brother was notified by gradeschool classmates of mine who were seeking me out.

Then, college friends hounded me with their offers of "join facebook and see how we all look like now!" requests.

And? Really. The allure to see what everyone looks like after 30 years was too tempting to resist.

So. I joined.

"Just to see the pictures and then I'd delete my account" I assured myself.

Then I got game requests from friends whom I had added so I could see their pictures.

I clicked on one game. An amusing little game called FARMVILLE.

You can plant and grow your or receive animals from other farming friends, buy houses...

Suddenly I found myself logging in compulsively to see how my crops were growing. Or if someone had found a stray animal on their farm that I could adopt for my farm.

Then...the fish tank game invites came and I thought...well...I'll join that game and feed my fish while waiting for my crops to grow...


3 fish tanks, a Kats Chow Cafe, a farm, a Zoo a pet at petville that is like a virtual Hello kitty who's house you can decorate...and another pet app where I feed and care for 4 cats...oh and Vampire wars and some sort of Harry Potter Wizard war game later and....

Facebook now owns my soul.


What little time I do have left is spent working and planning mega Christmas parties.

One which is tonight at our home. It's Christmas Ship party time!!

And tomorrow is our work Christmas party which I've been working along side my boss in helping arrange and organize as well as zooming out and gathering swell door prizes. YAY!

I've been trying to take it easy as I'm still getting over the pneumonia plague but really people, I ain't got time to lay around!

Speaking of...*peers at my watch* I gotta run. My fish on Fishville need feeding or they'll go belly up.

Oh sure. Mock me! But I'm tellin' you, I've invested time and click energy feeding those bastards so I can harvest them for experience points and I can buy more fish which I can feed and clean up after so I can harvest them for experience points and gold which then I can buy more fish so I can...

Oh god.

Someone. Help me!

and by help? I mean join Facebook so you can be my neighbor so I can expand my farm so I can grow more crops and get more experience points and...




Monday, December 07, 2009

Daily *Snort*

You have got to click on this link...



Sunday, December 06, 2009


So, yesterday Lord V and I stopped at a Sonic Drive In (fast food joint for those who do not know what Sonic is).

It's new to our area and we had yet to try it even though we'd been bombarded with Sonic commercials for the past 3 years!

I was driving my truck which required a bit of tricky maneuvering to pull into the tiny drive in slot. (Remember those? A&W used to have them)

mmmm A&W

*blink* I was sayin'...

I pulled into the drive in slot right next to the little menu. We perused it for a bit waiting for someone to come out and take our order when I spied the red button by a speaker on the board.


I reached out to push it but alas, I was too short so I had to open my door and lean one leg out of my truck to be able to reach the button to place our order.

"Get me a Recess Pieces shake" Lord V called to me.

I stretched, pushed the button and leaning as close to the little speaker as possible I yelled...

"I'd like a large Recess Penis Shake!"

Then froze in horror as my brain rewound what I had just yelled, then promptly fell in to a fit of giggles that would have done a 12 year old girl proud.


I'm back, my Peeps.

I'm. Back.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

And....I'm Back!

After much sleep and much lazing on the sofa--I have recooperated enough to rejoin society :)

I went for a checkup on Wednesday, was given more pain pills (woo!) for the headaches that still plague me and an inhaler for when I grow winded from my ailing lungs having to work overtime.

I have been pounding the internet stores getting my Christmas shopping done. I've gotten quite far and found some really cool stuff!

Today Lord V and I ventured out and did some more shopping.

We came home after picking MiniWarrior up from school and I became consumed with the need to get my Christmas village up.

It is done--except for the fake snow that I must still buy to drizzle over everything--and then it will be complete!!

Wait...I'll take a quick pic of it with my iPhone.

Hang on..brb...

Ok I'm back. Miss me? ...

Here ya go.




Ok one more...

Gabby Abby attacking the Christmas Cat :)

So. There ya go.

Aren't you glad I'm feelin' better?