Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time Keeps on Slippin'...

Time moves so swiftly at times I feel I blink and a month has passed.

It's all so subjective.

When all things are wonderful we wish to freeze time to keep it from moving.

When things are bad, we wish for it to grow wings and fly...fly like the wind.

Nothing we wish for stops the endless time drip.


Embrace what you have now before the next blink.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily *Snort* & Other News...

Other News:

Tomorrow is my birthday. Ughiddy Ugh Ugh.

I be old I tells you. Old.

but my life? *sigh* My life be wonderful :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Day on the Water

Lord V and I spent the day on our boat.

Gabby~Abby wanted to go and was quite disgruntled when I removed her from the travel cart :)

We zoomed down the Columbia River towards Portland and turned into a quiet area that was lined with quaint house boats.

We dropped anchor and lay on our boat like docked seals sipping chill beer and reading our books in the warm summer sunshine.

A very. Very. Enjoyable day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunshine Goodness!!

I have spent 3 glorious sunny days in my back yard, sprawled on a chaise lounge chair, sipping ice tea and peering over the pages of a trashy romance book at the boats zipping by on the river.

*deep sigh*

Gawd. I love Summer!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Savannah's Forgiveness

Savannah *my truck* has forgiven me.

Fortunately the cost of her tantrum was not monetary as her broken electronic fuel pump was still covered under warranty! It even covered the tow :)


So now? Now I'm careful to avert my eyes when a Mini Cooper slides into my view. I talk sweetly to Savannah and curl my lip into a (hopefully) believable sneer so she won't get jealous and leave me stuck on the side of the road in a tizzy.

good truck.*stroke stroke stroke* goooood truck.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

No Baby Bunny...

The baby bunny was gone this morning. I'm hoping it went back to hang with its Mom in a cozy little briar den.

So I have news. My truck. My lovely sweet truck which I have named Savannah--you know I had to name it--is in the truck hospital.

On my way home from work yesterday, on the last leg of my homeward bound journey, on the ramp...she just...quit.

I stared at Savannah in disbelief.

But. You are only 4 years old! You are too young to die! I admonished her giving her a frustrated smack on her steering wheel.

I talked sternly to her and then turned the key. She sputtered then quit.


key turn. Sputter. Quit.


I called Lord V and he came and rescued me, pushing Savannah up the rest of the way of the ramp and then it was all down hill to our house.

A bit hairy drive as my steering was stiff and my brakes were bricks but I made it by nursing my emergency brake and putting some oomph into the steering wheel.

This afternoon I left work early and called up tow truck driver who came and hoisted Savannah onto the back of his truck.

"You know" I said to the tow truck man, "I know why my truck quit".

"Yeah? Fuel pump issue?"

"Nope" I reached over and patted Savannah, "my truck is mad at me".

He gave me the hunted look of a man facing a crazy woman with no weapon in sight.

"It's um...mad?"

"Yep. You see" I said stroking Savannah's hood, "I've been squealing over the cuteness of Mini Coopers lately, tossing the idea around in my head about getting one when my truck gets old. Made my truck jealous. Hurt her feelings, I did."

I shook my head remorsefully. "I'm sorry, girl" I whispered.

"Well, let's see if she'll start up for me." Tow Truck Driver said, climbing into Savannah's driver seat.

Key turn...sputter. Quit.

"Nope. Trucks still mad at you!" He said with a grin and strapped a pull chain on the front of Savannah and began reeling her in. "I thought maybe 'cuz you apologized and talked nicely to her she might forgive you and start up again!"

We shook our heads in co-misery as we watched Savannah being pulled onto the truck bed.

"Just between you and me" Tow Truck Driver whispered leaning close to me, "You don't wanna Mini Cooper. I tow a lot of them."

"That bad, huh?"

"Yeah. Stick with your truck." He said with a wink, patting the front wheel of Savannah and climbing into his truck.

*sigh* So, I'm guessing sometime tomorrow I'm going to find out how much Savannah's temper tantrum is gonna cost me.

*tsk* Trucks. They are so temperamental!

Tiny Visitor.MOV

Tiny Evening Visitor

There was a tiny baby bunny outside our front door last night. It sat huddled on the drive, hunched in a tiny ball. There was no sign of its Momma.

I brought it some lettuce leaves and it ran towards me and hid underneath my legs. It was scared and I think because I brought it food it thought of me as its safe haven.

I sat for the longest time filming it with my iphone. It romped around the grass and drive, darting back and forth from the lettuce back to the grass.

I grew tired and climbed back to my feet to go back in the house. It immediately stopped its play and ran after me. It came and stood on my foot--its tiny feet soft and cold on my sandled foot and let me gently stroke it.

I did not want to take it inside as I didn't know if its mother was out hunting for food and would be coming back for her baby. I tried not to think of its mother being dead and the baby being orphaned. I do not know how to care for a tiny bunny. After work today I shall see if it is still in front of our house and then decide what needs to be done after that.


A Baby bunny was outside our front door last night.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Minnesota Adventures

Our Minnesota vacation with my brother and his family was wonderful.

MiniWarrior and I had a terrific time :) only now he wants to move to Minnesota so he can be close to his cousins!

Uh yeah...not gonna happen.

I tried to explain to him how Minnesota is mostly a snow place. He didn't care. I'd take him back at Christmas time...and let him experience the temperatures that are so cold they freeze the hairs in ones lungs...but I don't ever wanna go back to that so he's gonna just have to take Mom's word on it.

*Z snaps*

(not so mini) Warrior got to drive my brothers boat:

and MiniWarrior caught his first fish! See?

Fish investigating my underwater camera before being snagged by MiniWarriors hook:

The hotel idea was a good one--although MiniWarrior didn't seem to need any de-stress time. We kidnapped my niece who is 3 months younger than MiniWarrior and dragged her back to stay with us in our hotel. Actually--I think she kidnapped us as she and MiniWarrior were inseparable during the entire week!

I really enjoyed my time with family and my one on one time with MiniWarrior. He is growing up so quickly and all too soon will be a man with a family of his own.