Sunday, March 20, 2011

6 Minutes...

It seems I have blinked and another week slipped by.

How quickly the time flies. How fleeting the friableness of life.

I watched a video of the Tsunami in Japan. It was 6 minutes long.

In that 6 minutes buildings and homes were wrenched from their foundations and tossed about like toys.

6 minutes.

The time it takes you to run to the bathroom during a commercial break, fix yourself a snack and plop in front of your favorite show.

We toil, we gather, we create.

We laugh, we love, we yell, we debate.

We live quietly or with great passion.

And do all this now with the knowledge that in 6 minutes everything we have worked for. Everything we know can disappear.

We are no longer innocent. The tragedy in Japan has taught us, the observers, the frailty of life.

6 minutes.

How many of those have I wasted on:

Silly arguments




I think I am going to make a vow. That for 6 minutes each day I shall:

Devote myself to working on a project I have procrastinated on.

Sitting down and playing Mario's with my son.

Sitting down beside my man and listening to something he is fascinated by.

Kneeling on the floor and giving the dog a belly rub.

Picking up a toy and playing with the cat.

Pausing for a moment and calling a friend just...because.

6 minutes.

For those whom have lost all in that fragile bit of time.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Well said.

Peaceful said...

nods head in agreement....

The Darker Side said...


very well said.

Mei Lian 橡媄蓮 said...

Why is this not what we read in newspapers?

Not So Simply Single said...

Thank you, you said it perfectly.

How quickly a tragedy can take us to a new place in our lives...



terri said...

This is an awesome piece, MsKat. And very inspiring. Thank you.

Cindy said...