Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflections from my Sick Bed.

I have been ill this past week. After 2 visits to the doctor the diagnosis is "a bad virus". Prescription? Gatorade.



And it worked like a miracle drug.

I feel myself beginning to crawl out of the pit of sickness back into normalcy.

I am still coughing like my body is trying to turn itself inside out.

I'm still terribly weak and cannot quite fathom how I am going to survive an entire day at work tomorrow...

But, I am on the path to wellness.

You know the strange thing about being ill? Everything around you becomes skewed.

The little things take on more meaning. The things you thought were so important, you find were just burdens you put upon yourself and really didn't need to carry.

I think this revelation comes when you are forced to stop moving. Forced to lay still for hours at a time with nothing left to do but reflect.

I know as soon as I am fully well again I will be embracing life full speed again and these fleeting insights will get shoved back into a memory drawer.

But today, today I am too weak to move faster than a snail on a bed of gravel.

Today I shall document my reflections for my busy self to read when I am well again.

Dear Busy "healthy" Self:

Sunshine is divine.

The feel of it soaking into my skin feels better than the sip of an iced mocha I spend trudging through lines of people and traffic to acquire.

Time is relevant.

Rushing full tilt to try and ring every precious minute of a day makes the day seem shorter and less pleasurable.

Spending an hour laying still, drinking in a story a clever author has spun seems to suspend time.

Why is that?

These are the revelations I have come to today.

I shall try to remember this when I am well and chasing life by its tail.

But for now, I must crawl back into my sofa nest and reflect while my body twists and heaves to remove this dreaded virus from its pores.


Laoch of Chicago said...

I hope your recovery continues. Dehydration makes you feel terrible so I am not that surprised that Gatorade made you feel better.

Peaceful said...

Pneumonia is tough..
even when you start to feel well it will be there..
worried about you going to work :(
Here's a 1000mg vit C

Haphazardkat said...

Laoch: I thought I had it covered this year after suffering from it last year. I made sure I was drinking water but it wasn't good enough. I'll know to drink Gatorade from now on when I get sick.

Jadey: I tested negative for pneumonia :) yay! A bad virus is what they pegged it as. I've been slugging down the vitamin powder packs with vitamin c, vitamin b and zinc in it :)