Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Blogland Report

I've made my rounds in blogland--but I've only had time to catch up on what you all have been up to and have been neglectful on leaving my scratch marks in your sandboxes. So...

What did I learn on my travels?

Aafrica is on Spring Break and currently whiling her free time away on Crepe munching and Jack-n-Coke sippage.
Jealous...I'm so jealous...

Arnolds In China have apparently left China and headed back to their home state of Washington (WOO!). I am still waiting for an update from them. *stares in their general direction and drums my claws*

Bob-a-roo has consumed his St Patricks day feast EARLY without saving any leftovers for a hungry Kat (stares balefully at him) and apparently has followed up this travesty by wedging his dogs into mini bikini's. *shakes my head and tsks* (I blame it on over consumption of Country music...mmmm hmm. 'splains it all!)

Catwoman is busy growin a wee cat person in her belly. This Kat is most excited for her as I know how wonderful of a Momma she already is from reading her little man posts (even if she DID let the dog chew the brains outta her plastic baby doll the doctor gave her...) Its true. I couldn't make this shizzle up, Peeps!

Cindy is currently trapped inside her house with wild children of the corn and feverishly plotting a way to escape early to her fantabulous Disneyland trip. I'm very excited for her and hopes she has time to slink by Vancouver to visit a certain Kat (hint hint) when she passes by this way!

This is the latest picture from Cuteoverload (Lord I love this site. Ah have an ahdiction!) *shake shake shake*

Dragonlady apparently has a new ride and has been busy zooming around on it instead of posting new pictures of it so we can SEE it! *stares meaningfully in her general direction and drums a claw*

EdgyKay has made me wait so long for another hilarious post from her that she has officially passed her impatience on to me! * Z snaps in her direction: get on it, girlie or I'm gonna have to hunt you down!*

FlipFlop Momma's 11 year old spawn has a birthday today! A big shout out to the Saint Patricks day wee year-long-inducing-hemorrhoid earthling. Booya!

This is today's picture from the Hungarian Cuteoverload type blog I have a second addiction to.

It's a sickness, Peeps--with no cure in sight!

Indigo, a fellow cat loving blog lady, has proven that if one consumes enough cheese smothered nachos (the size of a small planet) one will win favor with the nacho serving restaurant owner and win a free--plate of nachos! *stick a lime on my Corona, Chickie, I'm heading on over!* I need me some free nachos! Mmmm...with jalapenos on them. Mmmmm.

Jadey, fantabulous Momma to Myst, continues to amaze me with her resilience and sweet spirit. Love the pic of you, Jadey!

apparently has taken down her blog shingle. You need to put it back up, Chickie! Blogland isn't the same without it! You can't let the critic's silence your voice :)
**update** apparently she has hung her shingle in a new neighborhood, HERE hurrah!

Laochies beloved Julian is ailing. I have wore out a spot on his blog rug from all my pacing, waiting for an update! Hope all is well, Laochie.

Mei Lian is apparently busy with life and her Coastie. I miss her updates on her life with the Bing family and her trials with arrogant Engineers who mistakenly try to step on her: a quiet, sweet woman with a backbone of steel.

, AKA Microsoft Guru (which by the way--I have this annoying pop-up problem in IE that I cannot get rid of--even though I fixed the settings in the Registry--grrrr--any hints sent my way to fix this GRRR'ing problem would be greatly appreciated! *grins winsomely in your direction*)---apparently is living in a State that celebrates an ancient frozen Dude sitting in dry ice in his relatives shed.
Dude...that's just*flings up my hands and walks away muttering...*

I love me some Postsecret. Every Sunday I religiously pour over this site to see the latest Secrets that Freaks have sent in. I love seeing evidence that I'm not the only strange person out there!

Slicks Blog is one of the last places I visit (don't get your ruffled panties in a twist, Slickness, it's only 'cuz my list is alphabetical and your name is way down at the bottom)*tsk* you gotta explain these things to him else he takes it personal and gets his revenge at me by posting pictures of chicks with excess vaginal fur or men with back hair wedged into a size 0 thong. *shudders and soothes my eye twitch*
So Dude, enlighten me...last time I heard you didn't get your house but now you write that you're moving--does this mean things have changed and you DID get your house?? I hope so, Slickness!! *crossing my fingers for you* (and not just cuz I'm afraid of your eye candy posts---well ok--I lied--I'm afraid. Very. Very. Afraid. *whimper*)

Smizzo is apparently on a road trip to Vegas. She keeps taunting me with pictures. I'm J.e.a.l.o.u.s. I need me a vacation. STAT!

Perez Hiltons site I have labeled Snarky Hollywood Gossip--cuz that's what it is. He's rude, crude and well, let's face it--Hilarious! Reading his blog is sort of like watching the proverbial train wreck. You shudder, but you can't look away! How else am I gonna get my minute by minute update on all the Hollywood Freaks?! I got needs, Peeps. NEEDS!

I finish my blog walk with Mrs X. She doesn't post often enough (stares in her direction and subtly *coughs*) but its always worth a visit to see pics of her adorable babies! I started reading her blog when she was preggers with her baby girl--who's now 6months old!! Actually--soon to be 7 months, now. Where oh where has the time gone?

That's your Blog update for this week, Peeps.

See? I have been busy busy busy--but I always take time out to slink by and visit my favorite Peeps.

Kat hugs!


Sue said...

I have a new blog, Kat.


Haphazardkat said...

LaChanson: YAY! :D

Cindy said...

Very good description of what Spring break is like for me here....LOL! Because it is so rainy here the kids go a little squirrelly*OIY!*
I will do my best to talk my sister into making a stop in your area.
You know I'm only 45 minutes outside of Vancouver....Vancouver BC that is :)
When we get a travel date set I will email you OK?

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: I visited Vancouver BC often as a child--my (adopted) parents immigrated to Canada after the War (from Holland). I really loved Canada!
Unfortunatly, I live in Vancouver WASHINGTON :P thats about 6-8 hours and 45 minutes from you! lol

Mike said...


Shoot me an e-mail describing your problem - there's a bunch of things one can do to regulate how popups behave in IE7.

There's also a pretty good IE trouble-shooting guide available here.

Haphazardkat said...

Mikey: I got rid of most pop ups by finding that pop ups were suddenly not being blocked anymore from a registry setting. I manually turned it back on with the 0 and 3 code and that seemed to take care of the major problem...however, I'm still getting a sneaky pop up of spysweeper. I can't seem to block that one because it keeps adding something to the end of its URL. When I go to add it to blocked sites it says I already have that URL blocked--grrrr...sure I do...but not with the spysweeper 123 or spysweeper 456 or spysweeper 222 Grrr. I'll send you a detailed email once I have time to work on my PC again. I'm planning to turn it into a computer for MiniWarrior as I have my rockin' laptop now :D So...I got work ahead of me cleaning the thing and adding parental guard onto it so he can't accidentally go to the wrong internet places. EEK!

Catwoman said...

Well thanks for the sweetness, Kat! :)

And I think I just melted at that cute overload picture, too much cuteness!!!!

Haphazardkat said...

Catwoman: excess viewing of Cuteoverload causes cavities! *holds my throbbing fangs*

Aafrica said...

oh i love this post Kat! can you make it a regular feature? so much better than my RSS feeds :)

always love the cats pictures =^.^=

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: Sure sure...I'll be without a job, shortly--with lots of excess time on my hands! *plunks my head into my hands*

beth said...

*sits down, wraps tail around Kat and scritches her gently* it'll be ok....... this job thing..... i'm keepin my eyeballs open fer ya...

I have lots of boxes in my cellar you can - Catch! (tosses box over)


Peaceful said...

VERy cool post!!
I saved a bunch of time & cpu overload surfing them all! My new bookmark is that post secret place-wow!
I thought that big dog nose was a cow- :D

Sue said...

LOOK at what I found!!!

Thought of you right away!


Haphazardkat said...

OOoooo nestles with the Dragonlady and purrrrsssss a sigh. Thankies for the snuggle! I needed one :) purrrr purrrr purrrrr.

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: isn't PostSecret a trip?!! Lotta freaks out there- LOL! :D Cow---*snort* I guess it DOES look like one if you don't see the other picture that went with it!!
*hugsss that Jadey* :)

Haphazardkat said...

LaChanson: OMG!!! Blogworthy!! I've added it to my stash for my blog photos!! Thank you! :D heehehehee

R U Serious?? said...

My pups actually like their outfilts!! Bikini?? Summer coming?? My boys are all over here!! MANy bite marks about the boy's head and shoulders (Wait.. Dogs have shoulders???).

Sorry about the leftover thing but we were HUNGRY!!!! And one of us was Irish.....!

I DID miss the scritches .......

Slick said...


I came here all in a good mood then I read where you read my site kinda last now I'm all mad.

What's up with that?!

We got another house! Not the one we were after and to be honest, we like this one lots better!

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: *snort* mini dog bikinis. ha ha ha ha ha!!

Slick: YAY at another house!!!!! WOO!!! and take THAT *pokes tongue out* OTHER house!!
We move tomorrow to our new place :D hurrah!