Monday, March 03, 2008

New Toy!

I apologize for my lack of blogging---but I've been busy with my new toy!

Lookie...lookie! Isn't it purrrrrrrrty?? *girlie squeal*

And just for you's the specs:

For Gamers on the Go
The Satellite® X205 is action at your fingertips for hard-core gaming in one sleek designed notebook, with eye-popping views from the 17" diagonal WXGA+ or WSXGA+ TruBrite® widescreen display*. One-touch launch of the Dual Mode Pad and you face off in full throttle mode with Intel® Centrino® Duo processor* technology. Top-of-the-line NVIDIA® SLI™ Dual GeForce® 8600M GT graphics* with 512MB dedicated video RAM (select models), provides uncompromising gaming stamina. Connect to a plasma TV in High Definition, courtesy of the HDMI connector with support for up to 1080i and 5.1 surround sound. Amp up the audio with four built-in Harman Kardon® speakers with one subwoofer when hordes of beings raid your planet. Dual 120GB or 160GB hard drives*, as well as upgraded 1GB LAN connectivity for faster transfer rates provide an uninterrupted thrill-packed adventure. Burn, rip and store more multimedia files with the HD DVD-ROM* with DVD Super Multi drive and play HD DVD movies.


Laoch of Chicago said...

How much ram memory? Nice looking machine.

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: 3g :)

beth said...

3G too???????????


(the sound of a dragon falling off chair)


(sitting up now thumping tail excitedly!)

Haphazardkat said...

Dragonlady: Yeah :) I'm on the ground with ya!! lol. CompUSA was going out of business and I hit their last two days of business. I (literally) got this laptop for half its original price.

Hopelessly Aporetic said...


I'm jealous. I love the top-of-the-line-at-the-time Toshi P105 that I bought last year, but yours totally puts it to shame - thanks tons. I really like that color too, mine's a high-gloss blue that serves as a terrific fingerprint catcher (which now makes me wonder if the fingerprint reader might be spoofed with a piece of tape?).

Anyhoo, I think that 17" widescreen form factor makes an awesome desktop replacement, but it can be a bit of a PITA if you need to take on the road very often. Finding a decent travel case/backpack for under $100 can be an adventure (I found a Targus backpack that worked pretty well for me), and then you'll still have to be careful to not throw your back out if you have to lug that 9+ pound beast very far (especially if your are also prone to toting around that huge power brick, an external drive, and an extra battery pack like I end up doing).

Hopefully you won't be having to drag it around much further than the distance from your desk to the deck though. Nothing quite like doing some occassional web surfing al fresco, and the Toshibas are great for that I must say...

Laoch of Chicago said...


Haphazardkat said...

Mike: I'm all set to go with new laptop bag! install wireless in the new house...gonna be a HUGE task as the area I'm working with is just shy of 8000 square feet.

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: :D bring on the GAMES!!!