Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alternative Fuel

Dear President Obama,

I hear that you are financially awarding people for viable alternative fuel ideas.

Well prepare to pony up my man because I've got the solution.

No Sir, I am the solution.

What's my idea?

The golden goose of inspiration?

Fat pods.

That's right.

Fat. Pods.

*grips my belly rolls*

I am the golden goose of alternative fuel.

Hook me up to a liposuction machine and I guarantee you'll suck out enough fat fuel to run a non economy sized SUV for a year.

That's right.

A year.

You can direct deposit the award money to my account.

And can you make it quick?

There's a family sized bag of cheeto's callin' my name and Momma's got a hunger.


(golden goose of alternative fuel)


KyleD said...

Kat: Are "fat pods" considered a renewable resource?

terri said...


Great pic - great idea - thank you for the great laugh!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Soylent Green is made of people.

The Darker Side said...

.....alternative fuel, eh - I could DEFINITELY get in on that! :D
*pops another cinna-bon in after gently heating with dragon-heat-puff...

guess who.... ;)

Peaceful said...

mmmmmm, cinna-bon...
I wonder if my fat pods would smell like french fries....hum, no, prob. chocolate :D

Haphazardkat said...

Kyle: in my life they are... :|

Terri: always willin to fling some fat humor :D its like a boomerang though--it keeps comin back!

Laochie: mmm tasty...

Dragonlady: lets get rich! and mmmmm cinnnnnnabonnnnnnn...

Jadey: LMAO!

Aafrica said...

you always have great ideas!