Monday, February 28, 2011

Rain Rain Rain and more Rain...

I awoke to the sound of rain dancing against the windows of our home.

I scampered out of the house and made a run through the pounding rain to my truck.

I drove to the Park and Ride while it slashed at my windshield and swooshed against my tires.

I flicked open my umbrella and darted from my truck to the Bus.

I sat in the bus on the way to work while my sodden umbrella dripped against my pant leg.

I clambered out of the bus and splashed into a puddle on my Portland bus stop.

I slogged through the down pour hunkered under my umbrella to the train stop.

I rode the train while my umbrella left a trail of water trickling down the aisle of the train.

I splashed through the rain soaked sidewalk and into my building.

I walked with my umbrella covering my boss and I as we trudged to Starbucks for our morning coffee.

I spent the next 4 hours wiggling my toes in my soaked tennis shoes while I plinked data on spreadsheets on my computer and sipped my coffee.

I tugged on my coat, grabbed my gym bag and hid myself beneath my dripping umbrella as I headed out to the gym on my lunch hour.

I stood under the shelter of my crying umbrella while I awaited the train.

I dropped my iPhone and watched it bounce in a stream of water running along the sidewalk.

I left the shelter of my umbrella to rescue my phone and shook the rain from my hair while I sighed with relief that my phone was unbroken.

I slogged back from the gym to work through the sodden streets of Portland and sat in my cubicle wiggling my toes in my soaked tennis while making a note to wear boots tomorrow.

I exited my work and splashed through the streets to my bus stop.

I stood in a miserable line of umbrella sheltered humanity while we waited for our bus to take us home.

I sat in the bus reveling in the heater blowing on my water logged feet.

I wiped condensation and fog from the window and stared at the water splooshing and splashing on the ride home.

I pulled up and trudged to the front door of my home and stood shaking the day from my shoulders in the entry way.

Now I sit in warm socks while the fireplace is dancing with warm orange flames.

Lord V sits reading while the cat lays curled upon his lap like an orange blanket and the dog lays snoring on the sofa.

The rain slashes against the windows but I don't care.

I wiggle my warm toes against the carpet beneath my feet and I can't help but...



Anonymous said...

Though I work in snow these few days, your post gives me warmth. It seems silly to say but I long for the rain. This cold encourages me to work quickly so that I may return home soon. I miss the warmth of my Coastie.

Mei Lian