Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Culprit

I was stricken last night with a horrid tummy ailment. I assumed it was from the codeine medicine I took in the afternoon...but now I suspect the flu had been looming and the codeine spurred it into action.

This morning I awoke thinking I may yet survive and was tentatively cooking up some rice cereal to fill my fragile tummy.

The water had just begun to boil when a horrible retching sound came from a corner of the family room behind me...

Gabby Abby, our little red bulimic kitty had deposited her breakfast on the carpet.

My tummy clenched and rolled and I found myself once again a prisoner on the sofa for the day :(

She does look a wee bit guilty, doesn't she?



Laoch of Chicago said...

Marvelous little feline.

Not So Simply Single said...

What is it about red cats that they like to throw up? My red girl, Marilyn is also a bulemic. She does this every so often when she scarfs tons of food.

Your kitty is so sweet