Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Come On In, The Coffee's On

I realized this morning that it's been awhile since I've sat down and had a chat with you all.

*sets out plates and coffee cups and doles out slices of coffee cake*

So, how's everyone been?

Got all your Christmas shopping done, yet?

I've finished except for the odds and ends that I'll snap up along the way to fill in the extra spaces in Christmas stockings.

It's crazy out there, Peeps. People rushing to and fro. Driving like maniacs, not thinking cuz their heads are filled with Holiday plans.

I know this to be true as the other day I stopped for gas in Oregon.

Oregon has a law that you can't pump your own gas (this law was created after a man in the 70's poured gasoline on himself at a gas station and set himself on fire).

So, I was sitting waiting for my tank to be filled. My guy had gone into the store to pay for it. I saw him walk back and give something to the gas station attendant then said "thanks" and the attendant walked away. My guy climbed into my truck, I spoke with him for a minute, then turned on my engine and proceeded to drive away.

Someone honked their car horn. I looked to see if I had accidentally cut someone off but no...so I continued to move forward.

People started yelling and waving their hands at me. I turned and looked at my guy all puzzled like, he shrugged in response...the gas station attendant zoomed over and rapped on my driver window.

Apparently, he was still pumping gas in my truck!



So. I had to backup and sit there like an idiot while men shot me "dumb blond" looks followed by the patronizing shake of their heads.


My guy was having a lot of fun teasing me over my embarrassment until I shot back with his getting an embarrassing speeding ticket over Thanksgiving weekend with his parents in the car...lame I know--but a girls gotta use what ammo she has at hand. Which he then countered with a listing of my speeding tickets I've acquired since he's known me.

I countered with, "Yeah but I never got one with my parents in the car"...which he then topped with "Yeah but I've never been put in Time Out by a Cop"...

Hmmph. Yeah, well he got me there.


More coffee, anyone?


Hopelessly Aporetic said...

Hi Kat,

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I was once again successful in my annual goal to get all of my Christmas shopping done prior to Thanksgiving. Since the malls, schools, and churches are such dangerous places these days, I am generally content to avoid them at all times of the year. That said, the only crowd I have had to endure so far this season was at another institution with a history of random violence - the Post Office. I think maybe next year I will be buying everyone on my Chrismas list a hand gun and an NRA membership. Sheesh.

I'd really like to be able to avoid going to gas stations as well, but my motives are more financially driven than safety oriented. At least we can pump our own fuel here unless you need more than $75 worth at a time. This means I have to keep my eye on the gas gauge and be sure to fill the tank of my big yellow truck before it gets much below a quarter tank. I'll be glad when spring comes back and I can start driving my Mustang again. Of course whenever I drive the Mustang my string of 20 plus years with no traffic tickets is instantly in jeopardy.


I think maybe I'll just become a hermit - as long as I can have an internet connection I'll be fine.

PS - I take my coffee black, thanks.

Laoch of Chicago said...


La Chanson de Phoenix said...

First comment... long

Second comment... one word.

That makes me the baby bear of the bunch, huh? Just right?

Coffee's good! So's the story!

You can't pump your own gas in Oregon? I thought PA was weird. But.. it does make sense.

Haphazardkat said...

Mikey: *fills your cup with steaming black coffee*
I live in Washington and we can pump our own gas--but I live right on the border (and work in Oregon) so I get the best of both gasoline pumpage worlds (ha ha).
I don't think we have an amount limit? hmm...
I can't believe you got ALL your shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving!! ARGH! See..that wouldn't work if I lived with you cuz I'd rip apart the house to find out what you got me!! LOL--best to buy my pressies right before giving them to me. hehehe.
Thanks for popping on by! Always good to hear from you :D

Laochie: Amen, brutha.

LaChanson: LOL. Does that make me Goldilocks??? Saweeet!

Aafrica said...

i'm so privileged that i get to fill my own gas. my problem is i always forget to put the cap back on. by now i'm so used to hearing the cap thing banging on the side of my car and having people yelling at me while driving on the road.

hopelessly aporetic said...

LOL - That is precisely why I keep all of my hunny bunnies gifts at the office until I can get them wrapped. She is way worse than the kids when it comes to snooping for Santa's loot (I was gonna say "bag" instead of "loot" but it just sounded wrong).


Cindy said...

Ok Is it wierd that I didn't blink an eye at "Put in a time out by ca cop", because I was once put in one myslf?.....LOL!
Thanks for the coffee *Yum* and the story. *GRIN*

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: Its nice that they now make the caps attached to the cars...cuz I've lost a few in my time!!

Mikey: Leave 'em at the office, hmm? Smart, smart man. Santas...bag...hehehehee!!

Cindy: Time out, hmm? DO tell!! *pours you another cup of coffee and scootches closer to hear the dirt* :D

Anonymous said...

OK it involved a VERY pregnant me, working as a coat check girl at a local bar and a drunk idiot who figured because I was so heavy with child I wouldn't chase after him when he stole my tip jar....
Anyway I did chase him with a wooden coat hanger in hand, and just as I was going to bash him over the head, a cop showed up and took the coat hanger from me and as I was telling him what happened the drunk idiot called me the worst thing you could call a woman...I went at him again, the cop had to hold me back but I was so worked up that the cop actually sat me down on the curb and told me to stay there until he said I could go because he didn't feel like delivering a baby that day. In the end I got my tip jar back and the idiot was put in the drunk tank.
Now I have to tell you it wasn't the money I was most upset about, it was the jar it's self, my nephew had made it for me so it was special.
So why were you put in time out?

Cindy said...

Anonymous....is me Cindy BTW, I don't why my nane didn't show up...

beth said...

Yes, please - I'd love a little more coffee says the dragon primly..... and another slice of that Humble Pie too! ;)
Kinda reminds me of my own run-ins with the men in the big brown hats....... ugh! And I batted my baby-browns at 'em and they didn't BUDGE...geez...... stodgy people they are....
Christmas is such a busy busy (but FUN!) time of year - wouldn't trade it for the world!
Done most of my shopping...just got my son to go. He wants a souped up pc,,,,,,,workin on that now. :D
Well - thanks for the coffee and pie - and the conversation is always super!
Gotta run.......the mauls are waitin!

Peaceful said...

I here on my laptop!!!!
I have an angel-geek!
*sigh* I love that guy..
I think I know what I'm doing but
Ak! drivers are the death of me!
Mmmmmm, thanks for the cake-goes good with bourban-mmmm....
Love you Kat!!!

R U Serious?? said...

Sorry I'm late! Any coffee cake left? Aww, that's ok... cream and a little sugar please! Interesting that you can't pump your own gas in Oregon. In California we have to pay extra for that service. Now what IS with that picture? A Hello Kitty kitty?? EEK is right!! HA!!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: omg, girl!! HA HA HA HA HA!! Way to kick the thiefs butt! LMAO! I'll have to save my answer to my time out story for another date...my Mother reads this blog!! LOL

Dragonlady: how goes the PC build?? Bossy men in brown hats never give me a break either. *haroomph*
*scritches to my fav dragon* :D

Jadey: Hurrah for the new laptop!! :d angel geeks are grand !
*huggles up the sweet jadey* :D

Bob-a-roo: Yer never too late. Coffee and a hidden slice of cake is always here for you!!
Hello kitty cat--LOL...sort of looks like it, doesnt it???! EEK!