Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wild Christmas Beast, Captured!

I have achieved the (near) impossible.

I have captured the wild Christmas beast in his lair.

The Great Belly Of The Beast

Steely Slitted Eyes Peer From Inside The Lair

Guido-the-cat Is Not Amused At The Intrusion Of His Lair

He Sets Off To Investigate The Intruder

"Who Dareth To Intrudeth Uponeth My Laireth?"

"Ah. Tis You, The Bringereth Of My Food Clumpage. Thou Shalt Liveth."


La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Hooray, you did it! It's that sleepy cat look!

Catwoman said...

Oh he's so handsome!!!! How can you possibly take his cherished tree down when he's that handsome laying under it?

EbonyDragon said...

Cats under Christmas trees!
Now, I ask you - just WHAT could be BETTER?!
Handsome divil, he is!

Hugs and scritches

Peaceful said...

Christmas kitty goodness!!
I love the action-shots!

Haphazardkat said...

LaChanson: *clasps my hands together and pumps them victoriously in the air* WOO!

Catwoman: ...I know. The guilt I feel when disassembling the tree is terrible.

Dragonlady: Guido thanks thee for thine kind words and offers his talons for service to the itchy dragon scales :D

Jadey: He came and head butted me! lol

R U Serious?? said...

Good job!! I always knew that you were sneaky!! But Guido-the-cat DID look rather annoyed!! He's such a cute feline and he found a GREAT lair!!! Any dogs that happen to stroll by are toast!!!

Now tell me why my canines want to eat my tree.... and especially my handsome Santa hat?? YES... I said HANDSOME!!! (plays with the tassle!!! Oh!!!! *bat* *bat*)