Thursday, December 20, 2007


I took MiniWarrior to see Santa tonight.

We parked by my work downtown and took the Max Train up to the City Mall.

MiniWarrior told Santa:

"I hope I don't get coal in my stocking this year"

Santa HO HO HO'd and told him, "No. No coal, this year."

(I'd been using the threat of "Santas got his eyeball on you and will give you coal if you're bad. hehehe)

MiniWarrior was greatly relieved.

He informed Santa his wish this year was for "Hermit Crabs".

(I had talked him out of a turtle and frog as they are too much work to care for)

Santa told him he would see if he could catch one at the North Pole and bring it to him.

(this after a sly look at me and a nod of approval from me--good Santa. There will be an extra cookie laid out for you, Fatboy. The good kind. Not the left over stale ones that no one else wants to eat, either.)

We plan on putting a Hermit Crab habitat complete with a pair of crabs--under the tree Christmas morning.

He's going to flip out with excitement!

Good times. Good times!

p.s. Notice the green thing in MiniWarriors hand? That's a rubber Preying Mantis. ha ha ha.


Laoch of Chicago said...

I hope he and the rest of your tribe will have a joyous Christmas

Peaceful said...

He's so cute!!!!
Stock up on bananas & fruit for the critters!
I wanna santa pic w/me & Myst!

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Hahaha.. I was just waiting for this to open when your comment on my delay came in.

I thought of you first when I saw that hiss, it cracked me up! Not that you hiss (never seen you hiss before), but that I thought you'd enjoy it! I'm glad you did! I giggle in the memory of it.

Hermit Crabs? That sounds like a neat idea. I wonder what kind of pets they will make. I hope they don't gorge on each other's heads.

I'm so glad that mantis is plastic... eeks.

Aafrica said...

what's MommyWarrier getting from Santa? a mantis-free year?

R U Serious?? said...

HAHAHA!! Mini Warrior is a handsome young man!! And he will LOVE the Hermit Crabs!!

TIP: Glue a piece of fishing line to the crab's shell, tie the other end to an object outdoors and he can let his crab have a nice walk without losing it!! Also, they LOVE to change shells so have some others (bigger) available!!

(The 'Serious' Crab King!)

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: Thank you. And you too!!

Jadey: Guess what? He's decided he wants water crabs now--much easier. hurrah!

LaChanson: This hiss was the best part!! ha ha ha :D I dunno if crabs are canibals :| eeek! hope not!!

Aafrica: I have no clue what I'm getting...hope its not coal!

Bob-a-roo: Thats a great idea! However, he's decided he wants water crabs, instead. Hmm...another fish bowl is required as they will eat his water frog..*snap snap*

Say Anything said...

Just think, when he brings his first girlfriend home for you to meet, you can remind him of the year he got CRABS! ;)