Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Should we rename MiniWarrior to MiniArtist? :) Here's the latest drawing of MiniWarrior. He drew a picture for his frog habitat so his imginary frog (I ain't going there with him, Peeps. I can't do anymore animals!!) could have a change of scenery.

The bugs are stickers he pasted on.


Catwoman said...

Wow! That's an awesome drawing! He IS really talented. I think at his age, I could barely color within the lines, because I am extremely un-artistic.

Sue said...

Very nice talent there!

Aafrica said...

wow that's really impressive!

beth said...

Wish I could draw 1/2 as good!
You definitely have a MiniMonet on yer hands!!!!!!
Give that boy whatever he needs to develop this talent - it TRULY is a talent!
Hope yer feelin better!