Thursday, February 28, 2008

Computer Question: HELP!!


I called a coworker and he sent me this link:

Apparently this was a registry issue. I followed the instructions and now have my Wallpaper back!!



I need your help, Peeps.

I'm stumped.

I've lost the ability to put a wallpaper on my desktop.

I (normally) use the Webshots wallpaper program. You can Ctrl + Shift + W to change the wallpapers or you can go into the program and change it there.

When I Ctrl+Shift+W, it acts like its activating a wallpaper--but I still get a blank screen background.

I cannot choose a picture on my desktop and right click it to make it my wallpaper--and when I go to Display Properties and choose Desktop--its frozen. It won't let me choose a wallpaper.

I can change the color of the background and I can move my icons around...I just cannot put a wallpaper up.

WTH, Peeps??

Any ideas?


Sue said...

Hrm. I'm stumped too. I normally go to a blank spot on my desktop, right click and choose personalize (customize in my older computer) and somewhere in there I can find a display option for wallpaper.

But I have no idea what you are using, and I'm not that computer smart. Sorry. Hope somebody helps you soon!

Peaceful said...

OMG I cannot stop laughing at that picture
glad you have a brain to pick- I wouldn't have gotten that either!

beth said...

Yah - we just got that circulated at work on our in-house mailing list.... nice to have techs helping techs! :D
Glad you got it!
Having a good weekend?
Hugs and many scritches for my favorite Kat

R U Serious?? said...

Ya know?? I hate wallpaper because it uses up memory, but I'll work on it for you!! I am at the cabin and the new laptop is AWESOME with the Verizon DSL!!

I put up a new song JUST for YOU!! LOL!!!

Aafrica said...

phew, i almost called 911 for you! can't imagine how can anyone work on their computer without their Hello Kitty!

Haphazardkat said...

Sue: It was puzzling. Thank goodness for hack ideas on the internet!!

Jadey: I was truly stumped!!

Dragonlady: It's grand to know people in the "know"...know what I mean? *grin*

Bob-a-roo: I haven't had time to hit your blog the song the same that you had on???

Aafrica: it was...traumatic!