Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fishy Business

MiniWarrior and I went to Petsmart the other day to stare at the animals. (MiniWarriors current obsession)

We visited the frogs. MiniWarrior got to hold one--and giggled with delight as it promptly pee'd on him.

Grits Mom teeth

Then it was off to visit the fish swirling around in their tanks.

We came across a goldfish so fat that his ass dragged on the gravel!

He was frantically flapping his little flippers and was all ehnnnn ehnnnn as he tried to get his gianormous ass off the floor of the tank.

MiniWarrior and I snickered at Mr FatAss while I covertly snapped pics (petsmart has a policy where you're not supposed to take pictures of their animals--I don't know why. Seems a stupid policy) with my iPhone for you all---cuz I'm all rebellious like that ;)

Normal sized fish

Mr FatAss

Ehnnn! Ehnnn!

Mmmm hmmm. Someones had one too many super sized shrimp macs!


Sue said...

That looks like swim bladder disorder. Or it could have eggs.

Haphazardkat said...

Sue: I asked the pet store worker about Mr FatAss...he said that it wasn't preggers and that it was normal/healthy--just big.
*tsks and signs it up for The Biggest Loser* :D

Cindy said...

That's one BIG fish!

R U Serious?? said...

Maybe it's a Puffer goldfish! Wait! You took photos at Petsmart?? I'm tellin'!! HAHA

beth said...



Aafrica said...

you sure he is not carrying twins?

Laoch of Chicago said...

Super sizing really is crucial.

Peaceful said...

Pot Bellied Pig-umm-fatass-LOL!!!!
I laughed so much at that pic and the 'sound'
- My desktop pc mother board is going out for surgery :(
He had an anuryzm or clogged arteries, and I had to dismantle him!!

smizzo said...

Goldfish freak me out..and that one looks sick OMG..gross!

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Catwoman said...

Hilarious! That fish looks like it's been on a bender...

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: Enormous!!

Bob-a-roo: Waaaat?? You'd rat me out? pffttttt!!

Dragonlady: LOL and ewwww

Aafrica: I asked if she was carrying babies and was snorted at. Apparently they don't carry their young...they lay eggs. *mutters*

Laoch: only in drinks...;)

Jadey: how's the motherboard comin??

Smizzo: They freak you out? Is it the buggy eyes? Cuz that sort of gets me too.

Catwoman: LOL! Beer belly!