Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time Keeps On Slipping Slipping Slipping....

I seem to have stepped into some kind of time warp--I've blinked and another weekend is over!

We've been busy getting the new house set up. We have most livable things unpacked.
The only (dreaded) job now is to rummage through the multiple boxes/tubs/bags of stuff left in the garage and decide what we need and what we can live without.

When did I become such a pack rat? I ask you. When? HMM??!

We are loving the new house. It's very strange (still) when Lord V, MiniWarrior and I are in separate rooms of the house and I hear nothing but the sound of soft doggie snores from the dog curled at my feet.

Much happiness abounds, Peeps. Mucho happiness abounds.


Peaceful said...

ah yes, silence...
how I miss it :)
I was thinking the same thing this morning about today-another sunday already? how can that be?!

Laoch of Chicago said...

: )

Aafrica said...

are you now the Domestic Diva Kat?

Slick said...

Moving sucks.

I ain't never moving again.

Glad ya'll are enjoying the new home, Kat!

Laoch of Chicago said...

My Irish Grandmother would have said this:

"A sunbeam to warm you, Good luck to charm you.
A Sheltering angel, So nothing can harm you,
Laughter to cheer you, Faithful friends near you,
And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you."

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: It's stunning how fast time moves, isn't it?!

Laochie: The Irish have a very endearing way of communicating :) It always warms me up inside. Thank you :D

Aafrica: naw. I'm still working. I just signed a new contract--so it appears that I shall be working for a little bit more where I'm at.

Slick: Word. And thank you! I hope you are enjoying your new nest as well :)

R U Serious?? said...

When we first moved into this fairly large house, I would love to go to the very back room and slowly walk to the very front!! It seemed to take forever!! Still does! And YES!! The silence!!

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: Silence is a rare gift that is often undervalued!