Saturday, June 07, 2008

Grey Hair and Stress Wrinkles


Wednesday night I was laying on MiniWarriors bed, reading his encyclopedia of frogs to him, when I noticed him scratching at (what appeared to be) a dried up bug bite on his hand.

Stop scratching your bug bite.

It's not a bug bite, it's a tick bite.

Whatever. Stop scratching it.

Next day when I picked MiniWarrior up from school I noticed his hand and wrist was red by his bug bite.

Didn't I tell you to stop scratching your bug bite?

Yeah but it ITCHES!

Well stop scratching at it you're making your wrist all red.

I stopped at a store and bought MiniWarrior some large bandages and some medicine. Back at home I soothed his red wrist with medicine and gently covered it with the large bandage.

Keep the bandage on so you won't be tempted to scratch.

But it ITCHES!

Just tap it if it itches. Don't scratch!

Later that evening I took the bandage off his scratch/bug-bite and was relieved to see that his wrist looked much better. So, I slathered on more medicine and left the bandage off, sending him off to bed.

Don't scratch!

Okkkkkkkk, Mommmmm.

Next morning, MiniWarrior came to me and said his wrist really hurt. That there was a lot of "pus and blood" and that he tried not to scratch it and only tapped it, but it hadn't worked and now it hurt really badly.

I sat him down under a brighter kitchen light and took a good look at his wrist. I was alarmed to see that it was much redder!

What exactly bit you?

A tick.

How do you know it was a tick?

Ticks aren't common where we live and I was sure MiniWarrior hadn't ever seen one before.

'Cuz. It was stuck in my skin. I tried to pull it off me but it's head stuck and was really hard to get out. I took scissors and cut it off my hand.

Good Lord...

Why didn't you come tell me this?

I dunno. I took care of it.

Next time something weird like that happens you tell Momma so I can take a look at it, Ok?

I stared intently at his wrist. Those didn't look like looked like red streaking under his skin. My heart started to pound in alarm.

I went to my laptop and looked up tick bites. I felt my heart stop when I read that most ticks are benign but that some will infest its host with Lyme disease or some other bacterial disease that will manifest itself within 24-36 hours with a red rash. Symptoms closely resembling tuberculosis and meningitis...that it affected the neurological system.

Oh my god.

I called the doctor and after hearing the facts told me to bring in MiniWarrior right away. I could hear the controlled alarm in the advise nurses voice.

Now, normally I'm a pretty even emotional person. I lost it. I hid in my walkin closet, because I didn't want to alarm Miniwarrior, and broke down crying. With MiniWarriors Autism, the thought of a bacteria affecting his neurological system had me in full Mom panic.

Lord V hugged me and tried to reassure me. I was not to be soothed. I called MiniWarriors StepMom and broke down telling her what was happening and to tell MiniWarriors father what happened.

She was very nice and was able to talk me out of my immediate panic so I could get a grip and control myself before facing MiniWarrior.
MiniWarriors Father spoke to me reassuring me and requesting to be informed as soon as possible to what the doctor said. He was alarmed as he knew I wasn't a person to easily panic over something.

I raced MiniWarrior over to get his insurance card from his stepmom, then raced him over to the clinic.

They moved us into the doctors office immediately. MiniWarriors doctor whisked in and grilled MiniWarrior as to what exactly happened, how he knew it was a tick, what the tick looked like...etc.

She reassured me that it wasn't Lyme disease as there were no cases of it in Washington. I felt my heart slow down...but then speed up again when I saw the concerned look flicker across her face when she took a look at the red streaks on MiniWarriors arm.

Lets get you over to the brighter light, MiniWarrior so I can get a good look at your arm.

MiniWarrior climbed onto the doctors table and she hunched over his arm studying it.

Well...I have your diagnosis.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh dear God.

What is it?

It's red marker.



I moved from my chair and walked over to the table.

Red Marker.

The doctor held up a alcohol wipe that was tinted red. I looked down at MiniWarriors arm. No red streaks.


Hehehe...That was a pretty good joke, huh Mom?

MiniWarrior grinned nervously up at me and the Doctor burst out laughing.

You just freakin' took 5 years from my life!!

The Doc left, chuckling, after asking if she could tell her co-workers about this.

MiniWarrior is grounded until he's 60 and has to pay his Dad and my doctors bill with his allowance...

Freakin' kid.

I don't think Oil of Olay has a product to remove wrinkles caused by freakin' lyme disease scaring-red marker drawing-kids!


Cindy said...

OK the first thing I have to say is OMG! what a heart wrenching time for you.....Second thing what a Brillant child! I would have asked the Dr. for a seditive after all that....LOL!
I'm glad he is alright.

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: I took my own sedative once I was home--two shots of tarantula tequilla!!! Freakin kid...

Peaceful said...


oops, sorry...

ya, laugh doctor :P

beth said...

You had me going............ really..... another darned grey hair popped out.....
Red marker.........(shakes head)

lumbers away muttering under dragon breath

Cindy said...

Hi again,
I let Tessa read this....she couldn't stop laughing...(sorry)
She also said that she would like to draw him a First Nations (native indian) style frog picture and send it to him and wanted me to ask you if that was alright....Is it?

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: We'd be honored!!!! Tell Tessa thank you very much--and I will send you our address in your email :) *hugssss to both of you*
Also--let Tessa know, both MiniWarrior and I are Cherokee Indian :) (me more so then him but, yay!) :D

Haphazardkat said...

Dragonlady: I'm shipping him to you so you can lecture him for scarin the kat!! *criessss*

Cindy said...

So you know what totem art is then..*grin* this is a new form for her so it might take her a bit to do it, of course she won't send it until it is perfect...Tessa is part Maties (I spelled that wrong but you get the idea...I hope.)
It means French/European and Native and it comes from her father's side. in her school they have a wonderful Aboriginal support/AB studies program and she loves it.
Now for my little guy...I can't say he is Autistic...I don't know but I do know that even though he is 8 his skill level across the board (verbal, physical and social) is that of a 4 year old and these out bursts are relatively new at least when he is with me they are...His older brother told me he does them all the time at home. I understand about sensory overload I suffer from it myself, loud noises will make every nerve in my body feel like it is on the surface of my skin, and my ears will ring for hours and during these times I can not be touched because it is actually painful....(which with my job can be hard at times.)So I did understand him being upset, I just couldn't let him get away with being rude.
Anyway I know you are working today, but I hope you are having a GREAT day!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: Actually--I didn't grow up with Indian roots. I was adopted. So no, most of my history lessons were about Europe and WW11 as my adopted parents were from Holland and went through the Hitler war. I don't look Indian :) The only thing I carry from that bloodline is my squaw body. I look like I could carry a mean load of firewood and chew the hide of a buffalo to make a soft TeePee. *snort*
as the the little guy you care for, you are absolutely right. Can't let 'em be rude just because they're special needs. I don't let my MiniWarrior get away with it either.

Laoch of Chicago said...

This was like an idea virus. I am so itchy now!

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: no scratching!

Aafrica said...

OMG i was so worried. i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the Mother tree!

Mei Lian 橡媄蓮 said...

He is clever! lol

I am sure this story will be told in the medical office for some time to come.

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: !!! Lord V said the exact same thing!! LOL

Mei Lian: He best use his cleverness to get a medical degree cuz he's gonna need to take care of all the stress damage he's caused his Momma!!! :P