Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Soul Passes

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes to me during my sickies.

I seem to have conquered the flu bug that held me in its grip last week...and successfully (?) passed it onto Lord V. (sorry, Hun)

So far MiniWarrior remains unscathed. I hope this stays that way through the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend!

I had some sad news when I returned to work this morning. Seems one of my coworkers from our team in the South, suddenly passed away this weekend. Apparently she had been battling cancer. I had no idea as there was not a day that hasn't gone by where I haven't seen an email from her detailing some network issue she was working on.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that she is gone.

It's not clicking.

It's unfathomable to me how a person can one day be here and then gone.

There has been a lot of loss this year.

I think the Universe is in the RED karma wise.

She better start filling up the gaps she's been leaving behind or she and I are gonna have a pissed off kat on her back moment. ;)

Ever have an angry feline on your back?

MMmm hmm.

It's a scarring experience.

I'm just sayin...


Laoch of Chicago said...

It is scary how someone can be here and then gone in a moment. I am hoping this next year will be filled with better tidings.

Cindy said...

Aww Kat, I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker, cancer is a sneaky horrible thing, A person with it can seem to be doing alright and holding thier own in the battle then one day the grip just slips....It's so sad.
I'm glad that you are feeling better and that MW hasn't gotten it, I hope it doesn't keep LV down for too long.

Jade said...

sorry Kat...
Big tight dragon HUG...

The Darker Side said...

wow...........what i miss when i'm off and runnin..........
Gee...i am SOOOO sorry.
Sorry for both you and Lord V with that buggy thing - that stinks.... and then to come back and be just missing an integral part of the work force and have never seen it coming.... :(( What a BIG bummer! I'm with Laoch - hoping that next year will be better for ALL of us!
squeezes small Kat gently......

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: Thank you :). It is scary and mind boggling how little it takes to *poof* a person from existence...

Cindy: Cancer sucks.

Jadey: *hugsssssssss*

Dragonlady: I'm over bug and Lord V seems to be on the upswing of it :) *yay!* Now to keep MiniWarrior healthy!!! :) *scritches*