Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Buddy Can You Spare A Coin?


My name is HaphazardKat.

I am addicted to Photography and WoW (world of warcraft).

I have neglected my blog Peeps.

I have neglected my overflowing laundry baskets.

My conversations with Lord V consist of:

"Yes, Hun. Just a minute. I have to finish this quest"


"Check this one out! I took it with my iPhone!"


"I'll help you with that in a minute. I gotta finish my kill and get to a safe place..."

It's not pretty, Peeps.


And all its ugly faces.

Send help.

And while yer at it?

Send gold.

I need 110 gold pieces to purchase riding training and a horse.

Don't be mac'n on me...the World of Warcraft is a fracken huge place and I've wore out 6 pair of leather boots running everywhere!

Right now I've got 26 gold jinglin' in my leather hip pouch so I need...(hang on a minute)

*110 minus 26 equals*
*cross out the zero, make it a ten*
*cross out the 1, subtract one cuz I borrowed from the zero to make a ten*
*cross out the 1 cuz you borrowed and subtracted...*

brain cramp. brain cramp!

Well whateverrrrr.

I need a whole shizzle more.

I put my soul up for auction in Stormcity and someone named DaRkDoMiNiOn bought it for 6 gold.



I'd have taken 2.




Jadey said...

WTF?! holy crap- COOL BACK GROUND!!!!!!
I forgot what I was going to say- except I bust out laughing at "I'll help you with that in a minute. I gotta finish my kill and get to a safe place..."
Boy, I needed that laugh- I'm in a strange place today

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: Omg girl. Come back and give me your blog URL!! I can't come visit you anymore :( I've lost my linkies!! *cries*

Aafrica said...

my son sneaks out of bed at three in the morning 'cuz he needs to battle someone on the west coast ( he thinks i don't know it). was it you?