Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Few More Hours

A few more hours and I will be in Mexico, holding the hand of EWO.

Last night was difficult, gathering up the pictures that were the slideshow of her life.

It was odd to view them with adult eyes instead of through the eyes of her child.

I saw for the first time, EWO as a woman, living her life...raising her children.

I remembered posing with her for a lot of the pictures...knowing that the smiling family looking into the cameras eye was just that...a pose.

But it was the pictures of a young, ambitious, adventurous EWO--before she became my mother...that pierced me.

What would it be like to be 85 at the end of your life...and have another gather your photo's. Images of your life...what would that someone see of my life?


Peaceful said...

strange how I/we are suddenly forced to 'grow up'. After going through this last year,throwing away tons of my fathers photos of scenery-I stopped taking photos of that & just take of people. This part of life around 50 no one seems to tell us about. It makes you stop & look at your own possessions through the eyes of another.