Monday, April 16, 2012

Haphazardkat "Retirement" Update

I've been so busy since quitting work to be a "stay at home Mom"--that I haven't had a chance for the reality of no longer having to commute to work--to really sink in!!

I "retired" on Friday, March 30th and flew out with MiniWarrior to Southern California on Monday.

We visited my birth Mom, took a road trip to Venice Beach where MiniWarrior got to work out in the famous Muscle Beach Gym with the big guys :)...and headed back home last Thursday night.

Friday evening I met up with my favorite Chickies where we spent the evening dancing and whooping it up to an awesome band Full Zoo at the Red Lion Inn bar.

Sunday was Easter--where I got to live my dream of making a fantabulous Easter breakfast for my little family and then relaxing in the Spring sunshine for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Monday I was in the Doctors office for a throat maintenance surgery (went fast and I was outta there in less than an hour)...then LV and I headed into downtown Portland where we feasted at Macaroni Grill. I text my old boss and let him know we were in his neck of the woods, he slipped on over and visited with us for a bit. It was strange to realize it had only been a week since I had seen him!!

Tuesday, LV and I headed out to Cinetopia and watched "The Hunger Games" loved it!. I spent Wed and Thursday finishing up reading the rest of the Hunger Game books and spending time with MiniWarrior.

Friday LV and I met with the people who are selling us our new baby Bichon!! She gets her final shot this coming Friday so we get to pick her up then--WOO!!! We are so excited! We have decided to name her LuLu :)

Saturday morning, early, I kissed my little family goodbye and headed out with LV's family to Seattle for a Bridal Shower.

So many people and only a fraction of what was LV's sweet family! We ate at Salty's Restaurant on the outskirts of the city and had a spectacular view of Seattle--including the space needle!

Sunday was the shower--which went really well. Much laughter and girl food--then we headed out on the long 3 1/2 hour ride home back.

We stopped at our favorite hamburger joint--YUM! I text LV a picture of my hamburger with a bite outta it to torture him back at home--LOL--cuz that's just how I roll...hee hee! :D

It's a good thing he loves me!!

It was wonderful to finally walk into the door of our home and hug my LV and our baby (gabbyabby). MiniWarrior is at his Dads so his hug comes later ;)

So...that brings us up to today's activities...

You'll have to go HERE to see what I've been up to! ;)

So. There you have it. You're all caught up!!


Mei Lian said...

It is good to see MW and looking so handsome! He is sure to be popular with the girls!

Even if it were another who took the photo seeing a "Hello Kitty" basket on the table tells me you were there!

I am happy for you that you are enjoying your new life! Be sure to keep telling us of it!

Haphazardkat said...

Mei Lian: MW is a ham--and still very sweet! Some girl will be very lucky to have him as her boyfriend--a long...LONG time from now! (I fear it wont be long enough!)
LV got me the Hello Kitty basket *grin* True love!

Peaceful said...

holy cow wow wow!!
I'm exhausted just reading this :D

Haphazardkat said...

Jadeykins: I know! I need to retire from retirement! LOL Yesterday I spent the day working on silly photos, playing on facebook, blogging and reading. I felt guilty sitting so much!! But I needed it.