Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We have an unused attic room that (after discussing it with LV) I have decided to make into a little photo studio!

 I went out to a thrift store today and bought some fabric for backdrops and some fun props...I placed the first pieces of it into the room this evening. I hold no wish to do studio photography work. I don't want to do wedding photography...or any form of business with my photos...I just...wanna create. Ya know?

This hobby of mine, brings me peace. It fills a void inside me. When I am capturing things through the eye of Chanda or working to fine tune a cluster of photos...I feel calm. Happy. Content. There are so many people who are much MUCH better photographers than me.

 Sometimes I get disheartened when I feel I've captured a particular photograph and then see someone Else's work and it makes mine look like child's work.


 But I press on. Creating. Learning. Creating. Learning. It's some kind of weird compulsion of mine to capture that one photo that will step out from the photo paper and tell its story. Like those in Life Magazine.

Have you ever noticed that as far as quality work goes, the photo's that take our breath away are not the perfectly sculpted ones...but the ones that demand we pause and listen to its story?

That, my Peeps, is what I want to do. What I strive for. I'm not there.  


But I will be.



Peaceful said...

I feel the same way about pictures or things I make-Just have to think about how it makes US feel, there will always be grass greener on the other side :)
Boy I wish I had a room, oh ya my apartment is supposed to be my room-where'd the room go?!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadeykins--totally true about the greener grass. I'm such a perfectionist on how I view myself...logically I know that probably comes from our background...

I'm so glad you got your dolls--you can tell your enjoyment of them in every picture you take. You should make a photo book of them ;)