Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Retirement Schedule

Having spent the last couple of days plinking on my laptop, reading books, watching T.V.--basically whiling my life away--I woke up this morning and decided I must give myself a schedule or I'll end up wasting my life away.

I know. I know. WHY schedule yourself you say? Isn't retirement about NOT having a schedule?!

Alas, I'm afraid reality is one must schedule themselves to ward off the razor claws of the dreaded lazy beast.

Once that decision was made--it spurred me into motion and I got more household jobs done in the last two hours then I've done in the last 3 weeks.


*pauses to contort myself into a chicken dance of victory*

*shoop shoop!*

Ok...back to retirement.


Mei Lian said...

I will admit sitting and looking at the walls is not something I do well. I am fortunate there are those who wish to use my time constructively beside me. Perhaps just a LITTLE volunteering will help fill some of your day. Not so much that it uses time better spent with MW and LV! :)

Haphazardkat said...

Mei Lian: I have much to fill my days--I have to make sure I stay motivated to do it :)