Sunday, May 04, 2008

Revenge On Hold

I had a most excellent revenge planned for Lord V. But alas, I must put it on hold as he is sick with the flu.


What? I didn't poison him!


*nods nods nods my head all sincere like*


Cindy said...

Aww poor Lord V! I hope he feels better soon.....So you can get on with your most rightous revenge.....LOL!
Thankyou for the pats, I know I don't want to LIVE at the beach...I just want a extented vacation....I mean really what sounds better than a little cottage on the beach with a HUGE deck where you could sit with your favorite beverage and watch the water and the occational surfer? *grin*

Jade said...

Nods back, eyes wide- >^_*<

Laoch of Chicago said...

He can't escape the joke reaper!

Aafrica said...

awwwwww thats such a cute cute cute cat!!!! ... i'm sure you are just as innocent.