Monday, March 02, 2009

Its A Germ War Out There!

Everyone I know (with exception of my little family) are sick.

Sick with some bronchial flu bug.

I've fortified my little family with the complete arsenal to head this off before it hits us.

Airborn? CHECK

Lysol? CHECK

Vitamins? CHECK

Hand Sanitizer? CHECK

Alcohol? CHECK. CHECK and...CHECK.

Everywhere I turn people are hacking and wheezing spewing flu germs into the air.


One guy came into work yesterday clutching his left lung he had just hacked out.

When I questioned him as to why he was at work as he wasn't scheduled to be here he said:

"Oh, I figure I'd better stay away from home so my wife and kids don't get this."



*grinds teeth and pops another airborn tablet*


Peaceful said...

ya, with 2000 residents here I am SO germaphobic!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Don't forget to get a lot of sleep. Sleep is one of the best ways to ensure that your immune system will operate optimally.

The Darker Side said...

Oh i am so glad i work at home!!!

Hand washing..... they say that is one of the biggest keys to stopping the spread of germs.... I found a version of hand sanitizer that also kills off MRSA AND its actually gentle on your hands - mine get very very dry. Soon as I remember what it is, I'll send you the name. One of our local hospitals uses it.

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: wow-thats a lot of neighbors!!

Laochie: I am trying as you are correct!

Dragonlady: man...i'm a chapped mess from washing my hands so much AND smothering them with purell!!!

ColleenQ said...

The thing here lately is SORE TEETH from sinus infections. Weird, huh?

deadites said...

I was off the last two days and made a half-assed attempt at going to work today.. I lasted an hour and a half before I high tailed it back home.