Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fang Issues

Took MiniWarrior to the dentist this weekend.

Apparently he has fang issues.

Two of his adult fangs have other teeth trying to come in behind them and are pressing on them corrupting the fangs.

He has to have surgery to have them removed :( then we need to discuss what to do after that in regards to braces. (gah!)

Poor little guy. He has no idea what's in store in his near future :(


Laoch of Chicago said...


Peaceful said...

braces are so different these days than in the past. Plus, everyone has them now & can pick colors. My step son even had his pallet broken & spread wider(!!)And lots pulled...
Just have plenty of orajel & childrens tylenol on hand :)
His dentist was kind enough to switch to those clear removable things by the time it was time for graduation photo-yep, it's a long road ahead-Ka-ching*

ColleenQ said...

It sounds rough, but he'll be okay - trust me. Just tell him not to sneak the caramel popcorn!

The Darker Side said...

Not so bad now as it was years ago. Tim just got his uppers off and his lowers will come out in the next few weeks. We were fortunate to find a most WONDERFUL orthodontist who was absolutely in the RIGHT field - dealing with children. Like Jadey said - they get to pick COLORS every few weeks - they really get a charge out of that. For the first two or 3 days, after he gets the actual braces on, Jade is right - tylenol and lots of it. Also, they have something called a mara. Forget what it stands for but it is an appliance that replaces the rubber bands - a little more expensive but well worth it to not have to change those annoying little rubber bands every day! The biggest thing is making sure they follow the rules with food (no gum, no gummy bears or worms, peel the apple and cut it - do not bite directly into it, etc etc) AND brush their teeth! MiniWarrior will be just fine!

The Darker Side said...

Oh yeah - and the retainer..... no more metal. They are like having teeth over your teeth.... Nothin to it! :)

Sorry about the tome!

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: Yep!!

Jadey: good lord at what your stepson had to go through!!!! YIKES! Thanks for the reassurance about the new braces. I worry most of his autism and how he obsesses with things...and yeah...I expect the big ka-ching to be the painful part for me! :)

Q: Ugh! Caramel corn! His favorite thing right now is apples dipped in caramel...

Dragonlady: I worry that it will be painful for him and then he'll freak whenever he has to see the dentis :( he's had great dental experiences so far. *sigh* Like I told Jadey...I worry about his autism and braces as he worrys at things that bother him and makes a wreck of whatever it is. Chapped lips are a HUGE issue as he wont leave them alone once they bug him. I guess I should not borrow stress from the future and just let it be as I cannot control things. Its great to have such wonderful blog friends who understand these things and can give me such great advice!! It really helps makes things easier :)