Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Campin' We Did Go

Hi Ya, Peeps!

Guess what we did this weekend?


Oh fine. Sure. Great job guessing.

I did give you a hint with the blog title!


So yeah. We went camping.

Our friends drove their RV's and invited Lord V, MiniWarrior and I out to camp with them at Silver Lake.

We packed my truck, picked MiniWarrior up from school Friday afternoon and drove about an hour North to Castle Rock, Washington.

Lord V stayed in the RV with our friends and I set up our Pup tent and braved the wilds with MiniWarrior.

He was very excited to go actual camping that didn't involve staying in a tent in our backyard!

He was also uber excited to finally be able to use the fishing pole that he got for Christmas.

At night our friends set up what they called a Roman Candle fire log. Basically it was a huge pole log that they split halfway, stood on end, soaked it in lighter fluid and lit it on fire.


It was cool!

It was a struggle at first to keep the thing lit, but after a few whacks with an axe to let in more air flow and half a gallon of lighter fluid it burned down to a crisp wood nublet.

I forgot to pack Chanda (can you believe that?!) so I had to capture these with my iPhone.

We stayed up until most of the fire was gone, then MiniWarrior and I crawled into our tent and zonked out--only to awaken a few hours later to find the air mattress had lost its will to live and left us victim to the hard ground.

We survived but were pretty groggy when we dragged ourselves out of the tent in the early morning. No one was awake but us so we took MiniWarriors fishing pole and headed out to catch us some breakfast.

All's I can say is thank god for bagels, bacon, banana chocolate chip muffins and scrambled eggs--cuz if we were left to live "off the land" we'd be carcasses within a week!

I did catch one fish...but the drag on the line was too loose so I couldn't reel him in. I grabbed the line bare handed to tug him onto dry land but he did an acrobatic flip and smirked at me as he snapped the line and took off for deeper waters.

MiniWarrior was not impressed with my fishing skills.



We hung around with all of our friends on Saturday. All the guys dragged out their fishing poles and we spent half the afternoon casting and reeling and casting and reeling, re baiting hooks, casting and reeling...but no fish.

We had to leave everyone early in the evening as I had to work today but we were ready to head back to civilization and air conditioning!

It was a grand time, though--even if it was camping!



Laoch of Chicago said...

Most impressive flame!

Cindy said...

That does sound like a good time, I would have enjoyed sitting by that fire...nice phone pics!

Peaceful said...

UG about the air mattress :P
hope you catch up on sleep-
Hey the pictures are great!
I miss campfires so much now :(

Aafrica said...
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Aafrica said...

hahaha! i'm just picturing you struggling with the fish.

Mei Lian 橡媄蓮 said...

My ideas of camping is much as Lord V's. A nice comfy bed and solid walls. 8^D

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: :D it was!

Cindy: I would've loved having you there! With Rick crooning to us as we toasted marshmallows :D

Jadey: I crawled back in the tent later that morning to pack up the blankets...and ended up crashing on them for a couple of hours with my feet sticking out of the tent! lol

Aafrica: Dang fish...showing me up in front of MiniWarrior! hmmph. :P

Mei Lian: Mine too!!! But I didn't know the campground and didn't want MiniWarrior sleeping out there alone. We found out they have cabins at the site for rent!! :D Good to know for later dates ;)

The Darker Side said...

so... well - next time YOU stay in the RV with Lord V and I"LL stay in the pup tent with the Warrior!!! Well....ok, I'll sleep AROUND the pup tent....
Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! :D