Monday, May 04, 2009

The Quest


This weekend was the meeting of our dinner club.

The menu was Indonesian as one of our couples grew up there.

The way the dinner club works is, the person hosting the dinner makes the main dish and sends out recipes to all the rest of the couples to make and bring to their house for the creation of the entire feast.

My recipe? Was this...

Banana-Coconut pudding

1 package of Tepung Hun Kwe
(has a green tree on it!)
3/4 cup of sugar
1 can of coconut milk
1 can of milk ( you choose, nonfat or whole)
a little salt
3 padang leaves
3 steamed bananas

Sounds easy, right?


Lord V and I headed out here:

To Fubonn's, a large Asian Market in Portland, on Thursday--to find the Tepung Hun Kwe and padang leaves.

I knew we were in serious trouble when we walked in and everything was completely foreign...which is to be expected when one goes to a non english market...but makes looking for a specific ingredient very difficult!

After an hour of searching and pleading with multiple store people, we left the store with the coconut milk, canned milk and padang leaves...but NO Tepung Hun Kwe.

We zoomed over to another Asian market that I knew of closer to home, but were met with the blank puzzled looks of the store clerks that we had just left behind at Fubonn's.

I called up the Host of the dinner party and explained my difficulty in finding the ingredient...only to find out she too was finding it an impossible quest and had made a plea to a friend to continue the search.

Multiple searches of every Asian food store I could think of with no luck...

She finally found it on Saturday and we made the pudding at her house the day of the dinner club party.

We had a good laugh over the impossible search.

The next dinner club is Lord V's and my turn and I told her I was going to find the most difficult recipe I could find and send it to her!


Oh, and?

Turns out she hand wrote the recipe.

The can of milk?

Was not canned milk.

She meant...that when the can of coconut milk was empty...I was supposed to fill the can with milk and add it to the recipe.


*Forms my hands into threatening choking claws*

We had a wonderful time as is usual when we all get together.

Much laughter.

Much feasting.

Much groaning over expanding waistlines.

Oh. friend who made the twice boiled eggs?

They were the BOMB.


Good times.

Good times.


Laoch of Chicago said...

The tastiness of such a party!

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: Indeed! :D