Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walkin' With My ETF Can...

Ever get to that point where you give and give and give and suddenly you're tapped out and stuck on the side of life's road with an empty emotional tank?

Yeah. That's me.

I saw the warning signs about a week ago.

I mentioned needing more fuel a few times but there were no filling stations.

So, last night I crawled outta myself, snapped up my spare emotional tank filler and headed out to refuel.

I wonder where the closest ETF (emotional tank filler) station is?

*jingles the change in my pocket*


The Darker Side said...

*lumbers beside kat with large claw on small fuzzy shoulder - other claw carrying own ETF can

Um ..... yep.
best I can offer you is a BIG DRAGONSIZED H.U.G!!!!!!!

Peaceful said...

OH! Beth said I needed to get my own can & join you guys....SO,
I googled ETF and got Exchange-Traded Fund....
NOW I get it LOL!!!!
How about I provide the comedic relief on this trek, eh?

The Darker Side said...

every once in awhile - google DOESN'T have all the answers!

comedic relief is always a good thing...
and burdens always lighter when shared.

(((Group hugs dragon and kat)))

Haphazardkat said...

You gals crack me up!!!

*stalks along with my two dragon friends hopping up and down as the ground moves beneath their giant feet*

*whomp! whomp! whomp!*


Cindy said...

WAIT FOR ME!...let me catch up....*huff* and *puff*, I'm right there with you, with my own can. (((hugs)))

Aafrica said...

oh Kat you put it so well! ... but i'm afraid the price/tank is more than i can afford at this point. i'd rather sit here with empty feelings than an empty wallet.

Haphazardkat said...


Com'on, Dragonlady, Jadeykins, Cindy and Aafrica--let's go get wild!

*revs up the kat mobile*

Cindy said...

ROAD TRIP!!! I love road trips.....Oh it would be SO cool if you could come up for the concert tail-gate, but I know it's quite the trip...but it would be FUN!!