Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommas Day: MiniWarrior~ism

He is a 5'1, 120lb sponge with endearing freckles smattered across his nose and cheeks.

He is 90% child and 10% man and I love him with everything in me and beyond.

He is funny.

He is frustrating.

He is adorable.

He is complicated.

He makes me belly laugh a dozen times a day.

He loves to tell jokes but struggles with the nuances of them because of his Autism.

He labors endlessly to capture the magic of the punchline so he can wrestle a laugh from his audience.

He most often fails when attempting scripted humor:

knock knock

who's there?


Banana who?

Banana Smoothie!

but never fails when he leaves behind the script and explains life to you through his observations.

You're 43, Mom?

Wow,that's old...and you're not even wrinkly!

Friday evening he was triumphant and I felt my heart swell with so much pride it overflowed and leaked down my cheeks in Mom tears.

While aboard the sailing ship on our cruise, the Steward had amused us all with silly jokes while the captain struggled to dock the cumbersome boat.

MiniWarrior piped in several times with crazy jokes of his own, but like most scripted ones, he wasn't quite getting them right.

Finally docked, we lined up to disembark from the ship when MiniWarrior bellowed out a final joke to the Steward.

"What do you call a snail on a boat?"

The Steward, having been on the receiving end of MiniWarriors mixed up joke endings, gently harassed him.

"Oh I know. You're going to tell me a snail boat, right?"

People laughed around us and filled the air with their own joke response ideas.

MiniWarrior's voice burst through the chatter as he yelled,


The Steward and people around us broke out in surprised, delighted laughter.

One of the men in the crowd high 5'd MiniWarrior on a job well done.

MiniWarrior smiled at everyone, nodded with a serious satisfied smile and stepped off onto the boat ramp.

His job was done.

How perfect.

How marvelous this boy child is.

And how wonderful

How fantastic...

that I got chosen to be his Mom.


Peaceful said...

You are SO lucky & blessed to be in his life and he in yours! The time went by so fast from 10 to 18 for my time with my "stepson"...
he wasn't allowed to celebrate mothers day with me...

I barely ever hear from him & yet he tugs at my heart every day.

Haphazardkat said...

Jadey: I believe in time, he will track you down. No child can experience the love you gave him without remembering and returning to it.
I too spent many many hours with a young teenager who lived in my house...she rebelled...seemed to hate me at times...but walked off a plane and handed her baby to me with complete faith that he would be loved and cared for.
You see? They don't forget.
*hugssss and happy (step) Momma's day to you, Jadey*

Cindy said...

Happy Mother's Day! To you.

To your comment on my post, yes we did at that...

Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice heartwarming post. You have a nice family.

Jay said...

I think you're both lucky.
Enjoy it.

Peaceful said...

Hey, at least I have Facebook!
He gives me a reply there sometimes!

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy: Happy Momma's Day to you!! :D

Laochie: I really do...and it was the one thing I wished for most, growing up.

Jay: Thank you, I do! :D Every day, even during the rough times.

Jadey: Ah, see? He keeps tabs on the one he loves. :)

The Darker Side said...

THIS is what Mothers Day is all about! It really is such a privilege to be chosen to be a mom - not every woman gets that chance.... there is nothing in the world quite like life through the eyes of your child....

Happy Mothers Day to all....
With Love

Haphazardkat said...

Dragonlady: couldn't agree with you more :) *scritch scritch*