Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deep Breathing Exercises

I'm laying on the hotel bed breathing deep trying to rid myself of the urge to tie EWO's wrinkles in a Mafia necktie.

The sound of her praying in tongues (undecipherable language to non demon ears)...snakes up the stairway to my loft hideaway.

Miniwarrior escaped to the outdoor stairway. His fortress of solitude.

Over breakfast this morning she reached a claw over and gripped Miniwarriors arm.

"Don't let him get any heavier", she hissed.

"Stop". I warned.

"No. He needs to watch his..."

"Stop it. Right now.". I snarled.

For I know if she is not immediately checked she will spew hurtful poison.

"Oh I know what I'm saying". she hissed. "I've raised kids."

"Yes, I know how you've raised kids". I said looking straight into her eyes."

"Don't talk to me like that". she sulked.

"Then back off of my kid". I said-unfased by her pout. "I won't tell you again"

She slunk back into her wrinkled shell and pouted.

MiniWarrior looked at me with wide eyes. He didn't understand why Mom sounded mad.

EWO slithered off to get some more breakfast and I explained how sometimes "grandma" says rude things just because she can.

"Why?" He asked. His beautiful innocent eyes blinking over at me.

"I think because no one ever tells her not to be" I said. "But I will because you are my son and I won't allow her to be rude to you."

MiniWarrior smiled at me. "That's because you're a nice Mom and you won't learn to be rude like grandma."

"No, son, I won't. I'm your guard dog and I'll snarl at anyone who gets near my puppy."

He giggled and toasted me with his juice cup. "Woof woof!"

"Woof Woof!" I said and clicked my coffee cup against his.


Pop and Ice said...

It's truly amazing at times that we do have to reign in our parent's words as they are inappropriate or hurtful. Of course, if we've listened to it through all of childhood, it makes it all the easier to spot and strike down. I commend you on your stance and sticking to it.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Having had a toxic parent I understand where you are coming from. It is a fine and noble thing to protect the next generation from the same things you suffered. No doubt this is a trying and guilt producing time for you. Be kind to yourself.

Haphazardkat said...

Pop and Ice: yes...I can tell from her facial expression when she's about to say something rude. *sigh*

Laochie: You know...after just 1 1/2 days with her so far--I have zero guilt for thinking she is evil and wondering why she is still on this earth...