Monday, November 16, 2009

Houston...We've Arrived!

MiniWarrior was so excited to be on an airplane. It made me feel a little bad for having waited so long to take him on one.

The nice lady who's seat assignment was by the window, changed places with Miniwarrior so he could stare out the window. She was very sweet and I found out she works in the same building as I do!! LOL. Small world.

I had filled two carry ons with games and coloring pens and paper, MiniWarriors movie player, iPod...etc hoping to keep MiniWarrior occupied on our 6 hours of flight time.

He colored on two sheets of paper and watched a third of a movie. The rest of the time he sat with his nose pressed against the plane window exclaiming how beautiful everything was from way up high!

"Oh wow, Mom. I feel so small!"

"Look at those clouds, don't they look like mashed potatoes?"

"Where's my camera? I GOT to take a picture of this!" (he's so my boy...hehehe)

Everything went great...until we got to the airport. EWO was supposed to meet us at our baggage terminal--which of course she never showed up at.

I expected this, which is why I hired a driver instead of relying on a cab.

Thank goodness I did. Her terminal ended up a 10 minute freeway drive from ours.

The driver pulled over, I hopped out and found her casually pushing her luggage around the terminal humming to herself like she had no cares in the world.

No...omg I'm so sorry, I didn't reaize there wouldn't be a way to get to your baggage terminal...I was so worried we wouldnt meet up!"

Just, "oh, I knew you'd come."

Nice that she has so much faith in me.

grind grind grind


She was very happy to see MiniWarrior and I though, and both he and she are ensconsed in their hotel beds snoozing while I am write this blog rant.

Do ya sense its going to be a long week, Peeps?


good times...

good times.


Cindy said...

I'm glad you arrived safe and MW had good flight.
Deep breaths, count to 10, 20..100 Whatever it takes and before you know it you will be back home and all will be right in the world.