Tuesday, November 17, 2009

EWO Update

After an entire day in the doctors office we have discovered that there will be no surgery for EWO.

The organ they refer to as her "heart" is in pretty good shape for her 83 years. They are going to pump her full of meds and do further stress tests on her next Tuesday, before releasing her to slither back to her Mexico lair.

She is fretting because she doesn't want to pay for another hotel room once MiniWarrior and I leave on Saturday. She can afford it, she just considers it a waste of money...

Here is a gem from a conversation she had with the nurse before we left the doctors office today:

"My friend in Mexico said that when she had tests here she didn't want to stay in a hotel so they gave her a key to a storage room and let her sleep there. Isn't that perfect? Could I have that room?"

The nurse blinked at her and said, "I don't have a key to a closet for you to stay in."

As she walked away to finalize a follow up appointment for EWO, EWO whispered, "I thought she'd offer for me to stay with her...but she hasn't said anything to me."

Ah the crazy twisted mind that is EWO.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I sat for a month on a mountain top and pondered the craziest thing I could think of.

And trust me. I can think up some crazy shizzle.

As always...

Good times.

Goooooooood times.


Peaceful said...

TOTALLY Busted out laughing- ROFL!!!!
hahahaha, ya lay over here with the mop bucket hahahaha!!!

Aafrica said...

good news for Kat! phew!

Haphazardkat said...

Jadeykins: LOL! Having lived with (as Laochie describes--toxic parents) also, I know you understand the hilarity of such insanity, right?!! :D

Aafrica: Amen, Sistah. I'm snagging up MiniWarrior and heading back Saturday--to my peaceful loving *SANE* life with Lord V, the dog and Gabby-Abby!!