Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Minnesota Adventures

Our Minnesota vacation with my brother and his family was wonderful.

MiniWarrior and I had a terrific time :) only now he wants to move to Minnesota so he can be close to his cousins!

Uh yeah...not gonna happen.

I tried to explain to him how Minnesota is mostly a snow place. He didn't care. I'd take him back at Christmas time...and let him experience the temperatures that are so cold they freeze the hairs in ones lungs...but I don't ever wanna go back to that so he's gonna just have to take Mom's word on it.

*Z snaps*

(not so mini) Warrior got to drive my brothers boat:

and MiniWarrior caught his first fish! See?

Fish investigating my underwater camera before being snagged by MiniWarriors hook:

The hotel idea was a good one--although MiniWarrior didn't seem to need any de-stress time. We kidnapped my niece who is 3 months younger than MiniWarrior and dragged her back to stay with us in our hotel. Actually--I think she kidnapped us as she and MiniWarrior were inseparable during the entire week!

I really enjoyed my time with family and my one on one time with MiniWarrior. He is growing up so quickly and all too soon will be a man with a family of his own.



Peaceful said...

these are awesome photos!!!
Looks like my 'first fish' LOL
that underwater pic is amazing!
ya, geez, growing up...mine got engaged.....

Haphazardkat said...

engaged!!! *sigh* they grow so quickly!!!