Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tiny Evening Visitor

There was a tiny baby bunny outside our front door last night. It sat huddled on the drive, hunched in a tiny ball. There was no sign of its Momma.

I brought it some lettuce leaves and it ran towards me and hid underneath my legs. It was scared and I think because I brought it food it thought of me as its safe haven.

I sat for the longest time filming it with my iphone. It romped around the grass and drive, darting back and forth from the lettuce back to the grass.

I grew tired and climbed back to my feet to go back in the house. It immediately stopped its play and ran after me. It came and stood on my foot--its tiny feet soft and cold on my sandled foot and let me gently stroke it.

I did not want to take it inside as I didn't know if its mother was out hunting for food and would be coming back for her baby. I tried not to think of its mother being dead and the baby being orphaned. I do not know how to care for a tiny bunny. After work today I shall see if it is still in front of our house and then decide what needs to be done after that.


ColleenQ said...

Adorable...I see you have a safe haven/magnetic force for animals, too.