Friday, July 09, 2010

Savannah's Forgiveness

Savannah *my truck* has forgiven me.

Fortunately the cost of her tantrum was not monetary as her broken electronic fuel pump was still covered under warranty! It even covered the tow :)


So now? Now I'm careful to avert my eyes when a Mini Cooper slides into my view. I talk sweetly to Savannah and curl my lip into a (hopefully) believable sneer so she won't get jealous and leave me stuck on the side of the road in a tizzy.

good truck.*stroke stroke stroke* goooood truck.


The Darker Side said...

*turns hairy eyeball on you....
Ya shoulda KNOWN better.... Trucks like Savannah NEVER DIE! Trucks are meant to survive no matter what! And if we treat them nicely (and NOT think about 'when the truck gets old' or 'that cute little car' (cough choke sputter - MINI COOPER???? how COULD you?!?!?! GAAK!, Savannah will outlive YOU!
*sternly looks down at you tapping foot
I hope you've learned your lesson now...


btw: the bunny was ADORABLE!

The Darker Side said...

would you please insert the two end/right parens that I apparently forgot during my tirade (after the 'GAAK'!)
and remove the comma in the same spot.
thank you.

slinks away in shame muttering *my texting children could have done better.....

Haphazardkat said...

*grins at the toe tappin' dragon* :D