Saturday, September 08, 2007

MiniWarrior~ism: What Do Preying Mantis' Eat?

Thursday I took MiniWarrior to his favorite restaurant, IHOP. Why is it his favorite restaurant you ask?

Because along side the building there are bushes that grasshoppers like.
Mm Hmm...grasshoppers--IHOP--We giggle at the irony of that, often. :D

So as I was saying...we went to IHOP with bug catcher in hand and after much crawling and kicking of bushes we captured 4 new grasshoppers for MiniWarriors Habitat.

MiniWarrior was estatic. We hunkered over his habitat and carefully guided (thunked,wedged, flicked...) the grasshoppers through the small opening and into the Habitat.

We added some leaves from the IHOP bushes and lay on our tummy's watching the grasshoppers hop around inside the Habitat. The one legged grasshopper that had been in the Habitat for about 2 weeks, promptly started scarfing on the fresh leaves.

The Preying Mantis, which had been in the Habitat for the past month was suddenly very active. Climbing leaves, turning his head left and right watching all the new activity.

"Mom, what do Preying Mantis' eat?" MiniWarrior asked, tapping at the side of the Habitat to watch a grasshopper jump.

"Hmm. I think leaves and flies." I answered, naively.

I grew tired of laying on the floor watching the grasshoppers jump around in the Habitat and headed downstairs.

I was in mid game, hacking bad dudes on level 6 of Frumps Misfortune: Dungeon Runners, when I heard MiniWarrior scream and begin banging things upstairs.

I paused my game and lumbered back upstairs to see what the hubbub was about.

"He's eating my grasshopper!" MiniWarrior sobbed, pointing an accusatory finger at his Habitat.

"Huh? Who?"

"The Preying Mantis is eating my grasshopper!"

"No. Really? Maybe he's just hugging him?

"NO! He's eating him! Make him stop!"

I hunkered down and peered into the Habitat.

Mr. Mantis was laying on his side in the leaves and had his arms wrapped around a flayling upside down grasshopper...and was happily noshing on his head.

"Ewwwww! He is eating him!"

"M...m...make him stop!"

"I can't, Hun. He's obviously been starving in your Habitat and needs to eat."

"Yes but not my grasshopper!"

"Well...apparently Preying Mantis' eat grasshoppers."

I spent the next hour explaining to MiniWarrior about nature and how things worked.

He calmed down once he understood that the Preying Mantis would get bigger and even more gruesome if we allowed him to eat a grasshopper now and then...

The little boy "ew=cool" gene kicked in and all was well in the bug infested household.

I'm (still) totally creeped out over that creature happily munching on the twitching grasshoppers head...

But MiniWarriors happy.


Laoch of Chicago said...


Cindy said...


R U Serious?? said...

If only Praying Mantis ate leeches your world would be a happier place...;)

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: Amen, brother!

Cindy: Full body heebie jeebie dance!!

Bob-a-roo: ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Hmmm... *plots*

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

I had that familiar feeling of 'uh-oh' as soon as I read that there was a mantis in there with them.

Sigh. Shameful that I had to read this right before dinner. Good thing I am vegetarian, however.

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Wait... grasshoppers are vegetarian too... *peers over my shoulder for prowling mantises*

R U Serious?? said...

What can I say about you, my Good friend? I look forward every day to visiting your blog. It's like that box of chocolates... I never know what I'm gonna get but I know it will be GOOD!!! You have such a wonderful sense of humor and it plays into your writing style perfectly. Your love for MiniWarrior is unsurpassed! You are such a great Mom!! You're funny, sweet, thoughtful, hardworking and loving. And I'm sure that all oF us feel the same way! I'm blessed to be able to call you a 'Friend'!

Now.... Are you ready for another 'weekend homework assignment'?? Well, too bad! LOL This is your assignment if you decide to accept it, and after my little spiel, you had BETTER!!

Mission: Possibilities

I chose you as one of my friends that I wanted to visit and tell you why I like you. I hope now that you will accept this mission too.

1. Choose at least 2 people to accept as your mission, the more, the better, the funnier, the happier!!

2. Go to their spaces and comment them PUBLICLY and tell them at least 2 things that you have learned or know about them that you really like -

3. At the bottom of all these fuzzy warm feelings you share, ask them to accept the mission by pasting the script below so the mission can continue to go on.

4. Please go to the blog of the person who shared with YOU and share something you like about them too!

5. TO MAKE IT EVEN NICER >> also share what you told them AND their links if possible to your latest blog at the bottom or to a new blog so everyone can see.

Hope you were having a great weekend.... until NOW!! HAHAHA!

Haphazardkat said...

LaChanson: Sorry!! *shoos the nasty carnivor away from you!* :D

Bob-a-roo: Awww. Thank you!!! and ACK!! way to sneak a homework assignment in!! Hmm. I don't mind this one so much. You made my day with your kind words. I must zoom forth and attempt to spread the kindness :D *hug-a-roos!*

R U Serious?? said...

You did GREAT!! And made me tear up!! That was sweet and I'm sooo glad we met!! You and MiniWarrior are welcome here anytime!! He will love playing with my dogs! Especially Bonnie who will play 'ball' anytime, anyplace!!

Thanks again for your kind words.

xo, Bob~

Aafrica said...

ewww ... i thought they were very Zen creatures. at least that's how A Bug's Life portrays them.

Mei Lian 橡媄蓮 said...

I need only squeek (this is what I am informed I do instead of scream much to the amusement of my Coastie) and Luey and Nangua run to me. They have discovered my squeek means there is a large bug for them to torment before eating it.

At the least there is someone in my house who cares for bugs. >p

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: *hugss!*

Aafrica: If Zen equals creepy, then yes...its very Zen :)

Mei Lian: I'd be afraid this thing would eat my cat!