Tuesday, October 23, 2007

As Promised: A Fall-tastic Road Trip

We took off at Noon, shaking the city dust off our feet and zooming towards the country.

I took the Old Scenic Hwy that snakes upwards through the tree lined Columbia Gorge.

The trees were in full Fall display. My coworker whooped out loud and flung her hands in the air, thoroughly enjoying the splendor.

I grinned so much my cheeks hurt.

We ended our day with a trip to Red Lobster and stuffed ourselves full on shrimp and Salmon steaks.

Good times, Folks. Absolutely good times.


Vista House View Point: The wind was blowing so hard I was almost blown over.

Coworker hamming it up

Looking out from atop Viewpoint

Stairway to Falls

Multnomah Falls

A Peek of the Columbia River


Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing them.

Peaceful said...

OH MY! How beautiful!!!

Slick said...

Wow....even I'm impressed!

Great pictures Kat

beth said...

WHOA! Damn good pictures woman!!!!!
the OtherDragon

Haphazardkat said...

Cindy, Jadey, Slick and Dragonlady: Thanks you! :) *scritches all around*

*scritch scritch scritch scritch*

R U Serious?? said...

Good times indeed!! Beautiful country. Glad you and you co-worker had a good time! Your photos were the BEST!!!

Things are calmer here today :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Beautiful photos

R U Serious?? said...

Still not a Happy Fun Place here!

It's still bad here but slowly getting better! I just updated my space! Our firefighters are awesome! 14 of them are in the hospital with severe burns.. Four died in the fires trying to defend homes! Life is NOT fair!!!! The final tally will be heartbreaking!!

I'm crying, as I have been for the last 4 days! I just want this thing to end!!!!!!

They caught the arsonist today and found another one trying to start a fire. He was shot dead!!

My nerves are really on edge and today's earthquake didn't help!!

Hope you are well!

Aafrica said...

nice pictures! i miss the mountains and the waterfalls.

R U Serious?? said...

Beautiful photos!! I left a little 'musical' gift on my space for you! Just because!!!!

Glad you had a wonderful time!!

Hope You and MiniWarior have a GREAT weekend!! Your Man too!!

We are doing better here but the air still sucks!!! The cabin still lives for another day! Is the moon supposed to be red???? And what's with this snow in October? Oh!! It's ashes!!!!! LOL! And the earthquake really helped calm our nerves!! Pfffft!!

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: I actually felt guilty posting these pictures with all you and your state people are going through!!
I was so happy to hear your cabin survived! Least that's a bit of good news!!
I'm so angry that its people that started some of these fires, intentionally....wtf, man? What would drive someone to cause this misery on others??! ARGH.
*big hugsssss to you, my friend* I'll zoom over to your space and give er a listen :D
*scritch scritch*

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: How you doin? I think on you often. You're way too young for this crap to happen. Please take care of yourself. You are loved here in blogland. There would be a huge hole without you.

Haphazardkat said...

Aafrica: It is beautiful in the northwest. I've lived many pretty places but I don't think I could call any other place home, but here :)

Catwoman said...

Wow! How gorgeous!!!!

Haphazardkat said...

catwoman: the northwest is truly beautiful :)