Tuesday, October 09, 2007


New computer is built!

I zoomed over to CompUSA and purchased a new game to try out the new graphics card.
After much perusing, I chose OBLIVION.

It's a role playing game that has some pretty awesome graphics!

I played it for a couple of hours last night trying to get the game play down. It's a little more difficult than Dungeon Runners or Diablo II as far as movement game play--but it has the same premise.
You kill stuff. Then rummage the carcass for armor,weapons and cool stuff.

Good times. Good times.


Flip Flop Goddess said...

shoot, I know nothing about games, u might as well be speakin Greek to me;)

Haphazardkat said...

FlipFlop: Girl, we need to be edumaketing you on this!! :D

R U Serious?? said...

YEA!!!!! New FAST puter and fun new game!!!! Life is good for the Kat!!!

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

OOOOoooooo TOYS!!!!

Have lots of fun!!!!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Sweet new machine

Slick said...

I loooove me some games, course...my graphics on my comp ain't worth crap so I usually just stick with my XBox.

Looks fun anyway

Jade said...

To me, getting back to playing pc games is the symbol of a person comfortable in their surroundings...
Happy gaming times to you!!!

Haphazardkat said...

Bob-a-roo: life is good!

lachanson: Weeeee!! :D

Laochie: It amazes me the size and price of things now compared to my first computer.

Slick: I was so excited to finally build a computer big enough to play the new games!!

Jadey: True. So so true. :)

Cindy said...

YAY! New puter, new game.
I'm glad you are happy with your new toys :)
I am now recovered from my doggie filled weekend...oiy!
Thanks for the hugs!
Big (((Hugs)))
Back at ya!

Aafrica said...

wow! you are a genius. ... you sound like my son, though, and i wonder why ...

-deadites- said...

I love this game!! I've been playing it on the Xbox though instead of my PC.