Friday, October 12, 2007

Habitat Thursday: Update

picking up MiniWarrior from his Dad's house Wednesday evening.

"Hi Mom, I missed you! Guess what?"

"Hi Son, I missed you too. What?"

"My green Mantis (Mantie) ate my brown one (Sid)"

"He did?"

"Yeah. 'Cept he didn't eat his head...he ate his butt."


"Yeah it was pretty gruesome. Then the Green Mantis died."

"Right away?"

"A little bit afterwards. I think he got butt poison."


We drove over to I-HOP Grasshopper field after school on Thursday, armed with the Habitat with one lone grasshopper in residence.

5 Grasshoppers and a new brown Mantis later, we headed home.

On the drive home...

"Hey....HEY!" tapping on the habitat "Stop fighting! Mommmmmm! Two of my grasshoppers are fighting!"

I glanced over to see two grasshoppers engaging in rough grasshopper sex.

"Er...uh...bang on the habitat."

bang! bang! bang!


"Mommmmmmmm they're still fighting!"

MiniWarriors lower lip quivered and large tears filled his eyes

"They're not supposed to fight."


"Hun, they aren't fighting they're..."

"Oh wait! I think they were just wrestling. They've stopped fighting now!"

sag of relief

"I think one grasshopper pooped on the other one, though."


Last night, the grasshoppers were banging around in their habitat making quite the racket. Guido hopped onto a kitchen chair to get a closer look at the curious nose coming from the case which resided on top of the Bar.

His face says it all...


Slick said...

Ha...looks as if he's wanting some of the new residents :)

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

That was hilarious! I am beginning to enjoy laughing at the eat-then-die mantis saga. I never thought I would find grasshopper sex so funny!!! (or interesting at all, for that matter)

Laoch of Chicago said...

Your cat is really very likable.

Aafrica said...

some life the insects have. eat. screw. then die. straght to the point. no game playing.

some girl said...

Wow, who knew life with insects could be so exciting. ;)

Your son sounds adorable.

Haphazardkat said...

Slick: He's a plotting...

LaChanson: At first I stood on the sidelines while he bug hunted. Now I find myself in the middle of swampy fields wielding a bug catcher of my

Laoch: He's a sweetie :D

Aafrica: LOL!! True--terribly--true!

Somegirl: We're in a freakin' discovery channel movie :| I'm waiting for a big freeze so we can hop onto another channel! Unfortunatly, Washington doesn't freeze til January :| help...meeee.

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

*giggle* I can't help you. I don't want to because it seems MiniWarrior enjoys your involvement!