Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Goodness and Jessica the Mantis

Weekend was grand. We found a sitter for MiniWarrior so my Man and I were able to hang out with friends at their annual Halloween Bash.
Good times. Good times.

MiniWarrior has a new Mantis (god help us). He's named her Jessica.

Jessica is very active.

She consumed the two grasshoppers left in the Habitat and was clawing at the Habitat door in an attempt for freedom and more food.

I fear we were on her list of edibles.

Friday, MiniWarrior and I tromped the fields of I-HOP to no avail. Nary a bug twas seen. I tried to warn MiniWarrior that bug season was over but he had to see for himself.

However, as we drove to the local swimming pool afterwards, for his Friday evening swim, his brown eyes were filled with disappointed crocodile tears and his lower lip was jutted out in a disappointed pout.

I took him Saturday to Petco and we bought Jessica-the-Mantis a baggie of crickets.

Lord. Help us.

As soon as I unloaded the baggie into the Habitat, Jessica snatched one up and started chomping. *shudder* Man that bug is quick! Creepy ass bug.

The best part of the weekend?

The remaining crickets started chirping and haven't stopped. I went upstairs to kiss MiniWarrior good night, after returning from Halloween Bash. and found him sound asleep underneath his pillow; the crickets chirping heartily in the Habitat beside his bed.

My Guy said, "Yeah. You ever see Silence of the Lambs? They weren't chirping, those were cricket screams. They just finished watching 4 of their friends get devoured by Jessica the Mantis!"


smizzo said...

Okay, first of all - JESSICA? LOL

And second, EWWWWW!

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Jessica? Like Niki and Jessica of Heroes? hehehe.

I must be getting somewhat used to this. I was fine reading about it while munching on pizza... until I saw the photo, and I immediately put my plate down. No more eating at the computer. hehehehe.

Cindy said...

Yup that IS one creey ass bug! *SHUUUDERRRR*
Oh,I think I should have waited till morning to read this post, that piture is the stuff of nightmares...And YOU have it in your HOUSE...*wimper* You are a braver soul than I my friend!
Anyway I AM getting the scooter hopfully some time tomorrow, I love the bumper sticker idea, Now I am going to have to look around an find the funniest and funkiest ones I can find and cover the thing in them...cause I'm just like that...LOL!
Take care and have a WONDERFUL week!

beth said...

*pulls Hello Kitty blanket over eyes and blinks at Kat in the relative darkness*
"You gonna protect us from Jessica???!?!?!?" asks the large scaly one of its diminutive feline friend.....

Haphazardkat said...

Smizzo: LOL, yeah. I dunno where the kid gets his naming ideas!

LaChanson: Sorry!! She is actually kind of cute in a gruesome sort of way...

Cindy: Hurrah! I'm glad you decided on the scooter. Hmm...I'm on a quest for a bumper sticker to send you now! Ha ha ha :D

*slinks under the HK blankie with the dragon* Scary bugs livin' in mah house. Boy child's fault. Beaming happy smile sucked me into housing bug agreement. Saveeee meeeeee!