Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The kid makes me nuts at times...but he fills me with laughter.

The other day I noticed the peach fuzz on his lip is turning darker. Gripping his head and tilting it up to the light I exclaimed "you have a mustache!" MiniWarrior poofed out his chest and grinned with male pride.
The next morning, after downing his precious half cup of coffee (milk/creamer/sugar mix)...he called out to me:

"Mom, since I've got a mustache now, don't you think I should get another cup of coffee?"

ha ha ha ha ha!

Request denied.

*struts the Mom power*

God love his coffee loving lawyer-in-the-making heart.

MiniWarrior~ism number two:

MiniWarrior was busy drawing preying Mantis' at the kitchen table while Lord V and I were watching The Mask (starring Jim Carey and a very young Cameron Diaz)

There was a scene where Cameron Diaz walked into the bank wearing a skin tight floor length red dress with a slit up the side. The camera panned her slowly starting from her feet and working upwards, pausing to hover over her glistening bosom, then finally stopping at her face.

I did not realize MiniWarrior had moved to stand by the sofa until he said:

"WOW...she's HOT!"

Lord V and I howled with laughter and Lord V told him

"Yes she is!"

They exchanged the male high 5 eye exchange and MiniWarrior sauntered back to his drawings.

My baby's growing up.


Beth said...

(wobbly mama dragon grin)......
they ALL grow up on us - FAR TOO SOON!!!!
Enjoy every laugh he gives you and commit it to the pages of your memory.
Hugs and Scritches
the MAMA Dragon

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Awh. All too soon indeed.

Catwoman said...

A mustache and a crush on Cameron Diaz?

Yeah, I'd say he's all man!

Cindy said...

Hi Kat,
Yes, they DO grow up too darn quick!
I'm still in the "HOLY CRAP! My kid is old enough to drive!" stage.
And yes I did get your email, I will be watching the post for the bumper sticker.
Thanks again.

Laoch of Chicago said...

The next step is to have his next birthday party at the Playboy Mansion!

Peaceful said...

whew, it's frightening!
Come over and celebrate with me :)

Haphazardkat said...

Dragonlady: *hides under da dragon scale* Pre-teens are scary!! :P

LaChanson: Indeedly! *nods head feverishly*

Catwoman: Least we know which team he bats for! (not that theres anything wrong with....)

Cindy: omg...i cannot imagine...I'd be wreck!! YAY! I'm glad you got my email! :D

Laochie: omg, he'd LOVE it! ha ha ha

Jadey: cccccccccccccelebration time, Come on!! *dancessssss* *shoop shoop* *hop hop* *ssssssssslide slideeeee*

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

pssst.. You have to see this!

Click here

Flip Flop Momma said...

Oh gosh how old is he?...I worry mine will be sprouting facial hair and wanting cofee..


Haphazardkat said...

LaChanson: HA HA HA!!! I LOVE those yawning pictures!! Thanks :D

FlipFlop: He'll be 10 in a week. *crosses myself* god help us all...
and he started stealing my cup of coffee at 3 years of age. Anytime I'd set it down he'd toddle over and slurp it down before I could see it to stop him.

smizzo said...

So cute! It's so good to document these things now, because before you know it, he will be taking you OUT for coffee. ;)

Aafrica said...

he got a good tastes!

Flip Flop Momma said...

Mine will be 11 on St Pattys Day..

God help us all..