Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday---Blerg!

No Chanda yet. *sniffle*

She comes in the mail (hopefully) by Wednesday. Yay! :D

Nuthin much new happenin' of late.

MiniWarrior's frog Jason I took him out to Petsmart and he got himself a new one. A Dumpy Tree Frog. It's HUGE! MiniWarrior named him in Jabba-the-hut *snort*

I took pics--I'll post some when I can get access to them at home ;)

Jabba is quite amusing to watch lunge after crickets. He landed in his little pond during one particular healthy lunge and did a massive belly flop--knocking half the water out!!



Little things like this amuse me.

MiniWarrior also found a preying mantis. He named her Dixie but then later changed it to Jessica the 2nd, as Jessica was his favorite Mantis from last year.

Remember her?

Freaky ass egg foam laying winged alien lookin monster...

May she rest in peace.


Slick said...

I wanna see the new frog!!

Jabba huh? He a big ol' fat frog?