Saturday, September 13, 2008

We're Ba~aaack (thank the gods)

We are back from the cold, dirty great outdoors!

We were up early and made it out the door by the crack of 9AM (Thursday). Excited to begin our camping adventure.

We arrived by Noon and were informed that we could not check into our cabin until 2PM by a sour faced teen who grumped at us when we went to check our reservation at the KOA office.

Undaunted, we headed out through Fort Stevens State Park to the beach and enjoyed our first ocean experience of the Summer.

Lord V drew love notes in the sand

while MiniWarrior clambered over a shipwreck that jutted out from the sand like a giant iron ribcage.

Afterwards we headed to the KOA Den of Chaos internet Cafe for a bite of lunch (as we still had a half hour to while away before check-in).

Lordie lord lord. We ordered 2 clam chowders and one chicken noodle. She got it wrong. I guess its understandable as she spent the entire half hour we were there talking to the welfare people on her phone about finageling a larger voucher for a house she had her eye on while her boyfriend constantly interupted her with demands for "Money. I gots to have the money for the dude cuz I just sold the bike."

Hmm. If you just "sold" the bike--why do you need money?

We finally made our way back to the register office where we snagged up our arm bands and map and cabin key and headed to the cabin.

Remember last year when my girlfriend and her son, MiniWarrior and I stayed at a KOA campground cabin? The cabin which had a bathroom, cable TV, BBQ grill and a pancake breakfast in the morning?



This time? We had a two room cabin that had no bathroom, no table. No TV. No chairs. No Grill and looked suspiciously like Ted Kaczynski's initials might have been carved behind one of the bunkbeds.


Later that night I called out goodnight to MiniWarrior from my tiny room to his bunkbed room and had a total Waltons flashback.

"Goodnight MiniWarrior"

"Goodnight Mom"

"Goodnight Lord V"

"Goodnight MiniWarrior"

Cue the music

Ding Dong Ding!


Laoch of Chicago said...

The best vacations always end up in nice luxury hotel rooms!

Haphazardkat said...

Laochie: Next Summer vacation is NOT camping!! :)

Peaceful said...

What do you expect with such a complicated order with all those changes & special substitutions!
THREE bowls of soup!Sheesh!
Glad you're baaack!

Cindy said...

Glad you are back...The picture are nice...
I could do without the T.V. and I would bring my own grill....but no indoor plumbing?...yeah, no I'm not a bear...I don't go in the woods...

Flip Flop Momma said...

ha, ok, it all sounded fun 2 me..take me next time

R U Serious?? said...

NO TV???? ACK!!! Ok, well maybe, but NO CHAIRS???? TABLE??? ACK! ACK!! You were lucky to have beds!! Talk about roughing it!

Ted Kaczynski!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!